Where can I get Vietnam visa?

Where can I get Vietnam visa?


Where can I get Vietnam visa?


Dear sir/madam,Where can i get Vietnam visa

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Please be advised that according to Vietnam entry and exit regulations, there are 2 places for foreigners to get Vietnam visa: at Vietnam International airport and Vietnam Embassy/Consulate before travelling to Vietnam. However, each of these places is responsible for stamping one type of visa: visa on arrival or visa code. Let us explain how they are as follows:

1. Getting Vietnam visa upon arrival at Vietnam International airport

To have visa picked up at Vietnam airport, you have to apply for visa on arrival, which is recommended for those who travel to Vietnam by air. As getting visa on arrival is a popular and simple way, you just need to send your visa request via https://evietnamvisa.com  (click at “apply” button). Then our system we will assist you in arranging a visa approval letter for Vietnam shortly.

2. Getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy before you travel to Vietnam

For those who do not travel to Vietnam by airway, you can contact Vietnam Embassy directly for applying Vietnam visa, but the time for processing Vietnam visa there is estimated to be longer.

To save time getting visa at Embassy of Vietnam, you can also ask for visa approval code via website https://evietnamvisa.com . By applying for Vietnam visa approval code, you will be charged some USD for approval fee and after only 2 working days, you will receive a visa approval code, a legal document for land or boat travelers to get visa stamped at Embassy of Vietnam before coming to Vietnam.

In brief, to get visa stamped at Vietnam airport or Vietnam Embassy, it is recommended that you apply for a visa approval letter/code granted by Vietnam Immigration Department.

We do hope that above information is clear and helpful to you. Please feel free to phone us at (84)943 25 25 or send email to support@evietnamvisa.com if you need further assistance. It is our pleasure to assist you at our best.   

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