Vietnam Visa Form

Vietnam Visa Form

Currently, Vietnam Immigration Department issues some Vietnam visa forms depending where you would like to get your Vietnam visa: at Embassy of Vietnam or on arrival at airport in Vietnam.

Vietnam visa form1. Option 1: If you are going to apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy, the application form should be provided by the Embassy. Thus, all travelers wishing to get visa for Vietnam at Embassy of Vietnam are advised to contact the local Embassy before coming there. Normally, the visa form at Embassy is required to be completed right there.

At embassy of Vietnam, application for entry and exit Vietnam is also provided, and completing this form is a must for those who request Vietnam visa.

2. Option 2: If you prefer saving time and you are planning to travel by air, your advantageous way of getting Vietnam visa is to apply online in order to pick up Vietnam visa upon your entry at airport in Vietnam. In this case, you can easily down the form at Vietnam visa application form page of this website. When you have completed the form, double check to make sure the provided information is identical to the information in your passport, please send back to us the completed visa application form via email.

Please be kindly noted that there are two different provided forms in this page. One is application form for Vietnam visa on arrival, and the other is application form for Vietnam visa code. The first is applied for those who plan to enter by airway, and the latter should be for those who enter Vietnam by bus or ship. Those people using visa code can get visa stamped quickly at embassy of Vietnam in your current residing country.

Another form, you can simply submit all the required information in this online application for visa approval letter. By submitting your visa application via this online visa form, you can get Vietnam visa approval letter sent to your email within 2 business days later. In urgent cases, it can be few hours.

For further information about Vietnam visa form, please feel free to contact us via or call to (+84) 943 25 25 52.

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