Can Benin citizens apply for Vietnam business visa

Can Benin citizens apply for Vietnam business visa

The diplomatic relation between Vietnam and Benin has been set up for 40 years since 1973. Thus, with a long term relation, many Benin citizens want to visit and set their business in Vietnam, can Benin citizens apply for Vietnam business visa?

According to Vietnam immigration policy, Benin citizens wishing to enter Vietnam to do business are required to apply for Vietnam visa before coming to the country. The first requirement that Benin citizens must meet before applying for Vietnam visa is make sure that the validity of your passport is at least 6 months left.

As the way to work of Vietnam Immigration Department, Vietnam business visa can be issued as 3 months visa (either single or multiple entries). If Benin citizens want to enter Vietnam for purpose of business but with the length of staying less than 30 days, you should note clearly in the application form business as purpose of entry. Otherwise, if your will stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days and less than 90 days, your visa will be issued as business purpose automatically.

Applying for Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy is considered as the traditional way to get Vietnam visa. However, Vietnam government has not set up Vietnam embassy in Benin, so Vietnam visa on arrival is the best way for citizens of Benin living in Benin. With this visa type, going to Vietnam embassy in another country and submitting your original passport directly are not required. All you need to do is only spending some minutes submitting your Vietnam visa application form and making payment for visa approval. After 2 -3 business days, a visa approval letter will be sent to your email address that you use to register.

Can Benin citizens apply for Vietnam business visa

1. Vietnam business visa fee for Benin citizen

According to policy of Vietnam visa fee, Benin citizens have to pay a higher fee than citizens of other countries.  In case Benin citizens have a Vietnam company to make guarantee, the applied fee is USD 150/person for 1 month single entry and USD 200/person for 1 month multiple entry, 3 months single.

For Benin citizens planning to enter Vietnam but unfortunately without Vietnam Company guarantee.  You still can apply for Vietnam visa under our guarantee. Therefore, besides applied fee paying, guarantee fee is required.  The total fee depends upon type of visa regarding length of staying and number of enter and exit. Benin nationals can get detailed fee as follow:

Visa type

Fee ( USD/person)

1 month single


1 month multiple


3 months multiple


2. Waiting time to get Vietnam visa for Benin:

Vietnam Immigration Department needs at least 3 working days to process a visa request for Benin citizens. Thus right after receive your application form and payment for visa approval fee, a confirmation of receiving visa approval letter will be sent to your email to inform that you will receive your letter after 3 working days at the latest time. And at Vietnam airport you must go to the check in point and wait to stamp visa. It takes only 15 minutes as the longest.

3. The usage of Vietnam business visa for Benin citizens

Normally, foreigner can use business visa for visiting purpose as visiting a foreign country is a legal action that you can do after you have finished your business.

Vietnam visa can be extended if Benin citizens want to stay longer in Vietnam without leaving. The requirement for procedure to extend Vietnam visa for Benin is your original passport submitted at our office. Type of Vietnam visa that Benin citizen can extend includes 1 month single/ multiple visa and 3 months single visa.

As mentioned above, Vietnam has not set up Vietnam embassy in Benin. Thus, on arrival Vietnam visa for Benin is the best solution for these citizens to get visa to Vietnam.

For further information about can Benin citizens apply for Vietnam business visa, please contact us via email or hotline number (84) 943 25 25 52.

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