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Emergency Vietnam Visa

-  Submit the online Vietnam visa application

-  Send the payment for visa application

-  Make a phone call  to (84) 977 046 678 or (84) 943 25 25 52 to notify and get advice on when the visa is ready for your specific case

Emergency Vietnam Visa is needed when people planning to enter Vietnam as foreigners and forgot to apply for Vietnam visa, or you are planning to enter Vietnam on Sunday or Saturday without visa approval letter by Vietnam Immigration Department beforehand. In this case, you are advised to keep calm, immediately contact us for arranging an emergency Vietnam Visa for you.

1. How to get an emergency Vietnam visa?Emergency Vietnam visa

-  Call our hotline supporters: (84) 943 25 25 52 or (84) 977 046 678 for instant support

-  Completed the Vietnam visa application form and send to our email

It is a must that you can access internet (either by computer or phone) so that you can send us the completed visa application form (the form will be sent to your email by support team, or you can submt online.

-  Make payment for the fee and get confirmation of receiving the visa approval letter as well as further guidance from our support team

2. Who can get emergency Vietnam visa?

Only those who travel by air to Vietnam can get emergency visa. Our Vietnam visa agent will ask for an emergency Vietnam visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department, and the approved applicant(s) will get visa Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnam airport.

3. How long prior to the departure time can people get Visa approval letter?

-  In weekday: we need at least 2 working hours to arrange an emergency Vietnam visa.

In case you do not have enough 2 working hours, contact your airlines to see whether they can let you on board without showing the Vietnam visa approval letter or not; if yes, we can still arrange the visa approval for you and upon arrival Vietnam airport, your visa approval letter is ready by then and you can stamp visa then.

-  At weekends: you are advised to contact us for specific case. However, we need at least 4 working hours (excluding night time according to Vietnam time zone GMT +7).

Notice: The processing time is calculated only after we have received your payment. It is necessary for you, in this case, to be able to make payment online as it is instant, time-saving.

4. How much is an emergency Vietnam visa?

It depends on the level of the emergency your Vietnam visa request is.

-  For 1 working day processing, it is 10 USD plus to the normal fee of requested visa type. Please refer to Vietnam visa fees page for details.

-  For emergency Vietnam visa of 4 working hours processing, the fee is plus USD 25 to the normal visa fee.

-  For emergency Vietnam visa of 2 working hours processing, a plus of USD 50 is required to the normal visa fee

-  For Vietnam visa weekend: the processing fee on Saturday is less than that of Sunday, the half day processing is more expensive than the whole day processing visas. The fee on these days depends on your request. 

Notice: Because of its high price, emergency Vietnam visa is only recommended for those who cannot miss the booked flight (due to the changing cost, the business meeting, or booked service cancel fees).

Contact us or hotline (84) 943 25 25 52 if you need further information and assistance.

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