How to get pre-approved Vietnam visa for England passport holders

Vietnam Evisa for United Kingdom passport holders

Vietnam visa exemption for United Kingdom citizens

Vietnam tourist visa for UK passport holders

According to the government decision No 92/NQ-CP on some suggested solutions to promote Vietnam’s tourism, citizen of United Kingdom are not required visa for entering Vietnam for a period of no more than 15 days.

For those United Kingdom passport holders wishing to visit Vietnam longer than exempted time, visitors should apply for Vietnam Visa before entering the country.

United Kingdom citizens have to apply for a Vietnam visa before going to the country for tourist or business purpose. The current Vietnam visas available for United Kingdom citizens have validity from 1 month to three, single or multiple. When staying in Vietnam, United Kingdom citizens can get Vietnam visa extension one or three months (no two month Vietnam visa is available).

To get Vietnam Visa, a United Kingdom can apply online to get Vietnam Visa on Arrival or go to The Embassy of Vietnam In UK and get visa in person there.

Nowadays, the Immigration Department of Vietnam has allowed Vietnam Visa on Arrival for air travelers of United Kingdom citizens and some other citizenship. This way is time-saving and convenient. All an application has to do is submitting Vietnam visa application online here, and do as guidance in steps.


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