How to get pre-approved Vietnam visa for Nigeria passport holders

Nigeria citizens are required to obtain a Vietnam Visa before entering the countries. In order to obtain a Vietnam Visa, Nigeria citizens are to have:

·        Vietnam Visa Approval Letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department

·        A passport of at least 6 month valid

·        2 blank passport pages for sealing and stamping Vietnam Visa

·        The filled-in application for entry and exit Vietnam with passport-sized photo attached

·        Cash of USD 45 (single entry visa) or USD 65(multiple entry visa)

To get Vietnam Visa Approval Letter, Nigeria citizens can access and complete the Vietnam Visa application online.

There are four main steps which take only a couple of minutes to complete. The detailed guidance is presented in every step.

After one or three working days at the maximum, Nigeria applicants can receive approval letter issued by VietnamImmigration Department as requested.

For further information, please contact: or hotline (84)943 25 25 52