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How to apply for visa to Vietnam ?

how to apply for visa to vietnamForeigners planning to visit Vietnam encounter the same question of how to apply for Visa to Vietnam. This page provides handful information for all foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam.

In the first place, those who are in the countries having bilateral visa exemption agreement with Vietnam should take a notice that you can freely enter and exit Vietnam for a given period. To be specific, please visit the Vietnam Visa FAQs and click for the answer of the question “ Who can have Vietnam Visa exemption” . When are in the list having Vietnam Visa exemption, the answer to your question of how to apply for a Vietnam visa in the simplest way. You just need to prepare a valid passport getting on plane and stamp visa exemption on arrival at Vietnam airport. Those who would like to avoid time consuming at the airport can come to Vietnam visa Embassy in your country to stamp the visa exemption before you go to Vietnam.

For most foreigners, a Vietnam visa is must before entering Vietnam. Before searching the way to apply for Vietnam visa, foreigners are advised to refer to Vietnam visa requirements page, so that you can see the whether you can enter Vietnam or not, and if yes, what are required for getting Vietnam Visa.

If you have time and you do not mind traveling to Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your country, just come there and search for your needed information. However, it is a matter of fact that there are a numbers of staffs in charge of Vietnam Embassy creating bureaucratic barriers and charge the extra fee for consulting or applying for Vietnam Visa there. An alternative way is contact us, the support team of are always willing to help, listen to customers’ specific cases and needs, and assists you at their best. Nowadays, most international travelers prefer sourcing advice on how to apply for Visa to Vietnam through rather than wasting time coming to the Embassy.

Vietnam Visa approval LetterFor getting Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy, as mentioned, the requirements and procedures are tended to be imposed by the individual Embassy. It is a trend that the Embassy requires 2 passport size photo, ID card, or family population book (children applicants), and the application to be filled in. the processing time is estimated to take 4 t o 7 working days before the applicants can get the visa back with a Vietnam Visa stamped. In case you would like to speed up the processing time, you can make negotiation with the staff in charge there. If possible, an extra fee is surely charged.

As a preferred way by most international travelers for many years now, Applying for Vietnam visa online to get Vietnam visa on arrival is considered as an efficient, quick, secured, and saving way to get visa for Vietnam.

What are procedures of applying for Vietnam Visa online?

First, you can access the page Apply Vietnam visa online , submit your Vietnam Visa application online there, all guidance are available in every step. At the check out step, you are directed to a payment option page where you can choose PayPal, One Pay (pay with your card) or Bank Transfer, or Western Union. Once the payment for your visa is confirmed, we start processing visa for you. It takes 1 to 2 working days to finish your visa approval letter and the document ready for you to enter Vietnam

Second, download Vietnam Visa application form. You spend few minutes completing  the application form, then double check to make sure all the noted information is correct and as exactly as shown in your passport. Then send back to for checking. 1 or 2 working days after your final confirmation of application and payment, you can get Vietnam Visa approval Letter which allows you to get Vietnam Visa on arrival, or Vietnam Visa Code which allows you to get Vietnam Visa at your registered Vietnam Embassy.

Apply vietnam visa online

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