Embassy or consulate of Vietnam is currently not available. Sao Tome and Principe residents wishing to have a visa for Vietnam can apply for a visa online. In case you can travel to another country, you can reach any Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam there.

1. Importance notice:

Since visa on arrival and e-visa is applicable for major of international foreigners, getting a visa at Vietnam Embassy or consulate of is only recommended for people who enter Vietnam via land or sea borders.

2. Guidelines for applying for Vietnam visa online from Sao Tome and Principe

- Complete visa application online

- Receive visa approval letter via email (as the letter has unique code and can be printed from anywhere. The airline in Sao Tome and Principe, which you travel with, will require seeing the letter before accepting your boarding on plane to Vietnam).

- Get visa stamped at Vietnam airports.

See more details at how to get pre-approved Vietnam visa for Sao Tome and Principe passport holders page

3. How much is it?

The total visa fee for Sao Tome and Principe citizens consists of sub-types. For details, please see Vietnam visa fee for Sao Tome and Principe citizens

To get further advice on Vietnam visa from Sao Tome and Principe, please email to support@evietnamvisa.com or call (84) 943 25 52, chat with us via social chat tools available at contact us.