How to get pre-approved Vietnam visa for Congo passport holders

Vietnam Immigration policy regulates that all Congo passport holders need to apply for Vietnam Visa before entering the countries.

The requirements for Congo citizens Stamping Vietnam Visa are simple as follows:

-        A valid passport (The validity should be 6 month at least)

-        An issued Vietnam Visa Approval Letter/Code by Vietnam Immigration Department

Once you got these two things, you can get Vietnam Visa stamped at Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam airport easily.

Guidance on How to apply for Vietnam Visa code/Vietnam Visa approval Letter

-        Submit your visa application online or download Vietnam Visa application form

-        Make payment for Vietnam Visa approval fee

-        Receive our confirmation on the exact time of receiving your Vietnam Visa approval letter/code

-        Get your approval letter/code printed out once you receive it

Now remember to put your approval letter in the same place with applicants’ passport and show them when you get on plane or stamp Visa on arrival at Vietnam airport.

Notice: As there is not Vietnam Embassy in Congo, Congo citizens living abroad where there Vietnam Embassy can get there and apply for Visa there. However Visa getting at Vietnam Embassy tends to consume more time and money. A big percentage of our clients choose applying for Vietnam Visa online to avoid bureaucratic barriers and nuisance there.

To get more information about the visa on arrival, please refer to Vietnam Visa On Arrival page.

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