Vietnam Visa requirements for Comoran citizens are not the same as the requirements applied for citizens of almost other countries:

Is Vietnam visa required for Comoros passport holders

How to get pre-approved Vietnam visa for Comoros passport holders

Online Vietnam visa request for Comoros passport holders

Vietnam visa on arrival for Comoros passport holders

Vietnam visa fee for Comoros citizens

Comoran citizens need to be guaranteed by an agent in Vietnam so that the agent request visa from the Immigration Department of Vietnam on their behalf. Evietnamvisa offer the guarantee service for Comoran citizens and assure that the visa is issued.

Comoran citizen wishing to enter Vietnam should prepare:

-        Applicants’ passport with at least 6 month valid and have two blank pages upward at for sealing and stamping Vietnam Visa

-        Two passport-sized photos

The requirements of getting Vietnam Visa Approval letter for Comoran citizens:

-        Complete Vietnam visa application online with exact information in their Comoran passport.

-       complement your visa application by sending the scan copy of your passport via email (our email address is or please contact us for further query)

-       Make payment for Vietnam Visa approval letter fee

3 business days after the completion of your visa application and the payment, Comoran applicant can have their visa approval letter issued and sent to them.

Now you can print Vietnam Visa approval letter to travel by plane and stamp Vietnam Visa on arrival at Vietnam airport.


-        Only air travelers are approved to get Vietnam Visa on arrival

- In case Comoran citizens wish to get Vietnam visa at Embassy of Vietnam (in any country), they can apply for Vietnam visa approval code

-        When stamping visa, the stamping fee is charged by Vietnam immigration officer at Vietnam airport.