How to get pre-approved Vietnam visa for England passport holders

Vietnam Evisa for United Kingdom passport holders

Vietnam visa exemption for United Kingdom citizens

Vietnam tourist visa for UK passport holders

According to the government decision No 92/NQ-CP on some suggested solutions to promote Vietnam’s tourism, citizen of Britain are not required visa for entering Vietnam for a period of no more than 15 days.

For those Britain passport holders wishing to visit Vietnam longer than exempted time, visitors should apply for Vietnam Visa before entering the country.

British citizens wishing to enter Vietnam are required to get Vietnam visa or Vietnam visa approval letter beforehand. A British citizen can apply for different Vietnam Visa types for tourist, business or visit. The duration of a visa can be 1 month or three months. After these periods, you can get Vietnam Visa extension for one month or three months more.

There are two alternative ways for a British passport holder to get Vietnam Visa

1. Applying For Vietnam Visa At Vietnam Embassy in Britain

Britain citizens can go in person together with passport, personal identity documents to Embassy of Vietnam in Britain:

It is advised that before going to the Embassy, applicants should contact the staff in charge beforehand to query as much information for preparation as possible.

2. Applying For Vietnam Visa On Arrival Online

Currently, Vietnam Immigration Department has allowed British citizens entering Vietnam by air to stamp visa on arrival at Vietnam airports. However, to get Vietnam visa on arrival, British citizens are to obtain a Vietnam visa approval letter online before departing to Vietnam. What you need to do to get a Vietnam visa approval letter is very simple, just applying for Vietnam Visa online here. After two working days, the visa approval letter granted by Vietnam Immigration Department will be sent to you via email.

The working regime of the Vietnam visa approval letteris like an air ticket. Thus, once you get approval, you can enter any international airports in Vietnam (as all approved information has been saved in the shared database already.)

The second is now preferred by most travelers as it is time and money saving.

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