Vietnam Evisa for Bolivia passport holders

Vietnam visa fee for Bolivia citizens

Vietna visa for Bolivia passport holders

How to get pre-approved Vietnam visa for Bolivia passport holders

Bolivia citizens are required to have Vietnam Visa ready on passport, or have Vietnam Approval letter to stamp visa on arrival at Vietnam airport before entering Vietnam.

Bolivia citizens are advised to choose one of the following ways to apply for Vietnam Visa

  1. Visa Online Application

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Bolivia citizens regulates that a Vietnam Visa approval letter granted before departing to Vietnam is achieved by Bolivia citizens before entering Vietnam.

The procedures of getting Vietnam Visa Approval Letter for Bolivia citizens are simple as follows:

-        Submit Vietnam Visa Application Online

-        Pay approval fee

-        Wait 1 or 2 working day to get the approval letter back via email


  1. Visa getting at Vietnam Embassy

Because Vietnam has not set up Embassy in Bolivia, Bolivia residents can reach any Vietnam Embassy at your nearest in neighboring countries to ask for application for Vietnam visa, and do all Vietnam Visa procedures there.

It may take few working days for the Embassy to check information, approve your visa request, and stamp visa onto your passport for you.

Bolivia citizens who travel by air to Vietnam should choose the first option (applying for Vietnam Visa online) because this way can save you time, money (at least 20%) and bring you convenient and safety as well.