Vietnam suspends 15-day visa exemption and tourist visa for Italian passport holders

According to the updated information from the World Health Organization, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is outbreaking in Italy with 2,706 coronavirus-positive cases and 107 death cases up to March 04th 2020. Therefore, to avoid the outbreak of the disease, Vietmam Government announced the Directive to temporarily suspends 15-day visa exemption and tourist visa for Italian passport holders.

Basing on the statistic of WHO on March 01st 2020, Vietnam’s Ministry of Health identified that the spread speed of virus SARS-CoV-2 in Italy is on a par with the two largest outbreaks in Asia: China and South Korea. Because of the severity of the virus, Vietnam Government must have the decision to restrict the spread of the disease and to control the situation in Vietnam. Specifically, the Directive has been effective since March 03rd 2020 until there is an updated notification from Vietnam Government. This can be seen as an limitation for Italian citizens wishing to visiting Vietnam in this time. However, it is also the best way to avoid the expansion of COVID-19 and to protect the public health.

Vietnam suspends 15-day visa exemption and tourist visa for Italian passport holders

The Directive is towards Italian citizens wishing to enter Vietnam for tourist purpose. Those Italian passport holders intend to enter Vietnam for official purpose or business purpose, Vietnam Immigration Department will consider the feature of your trip and decide to issue visa or not. For those people having business entry to Vietnam, please contact us for specific advice.

For foreign visitors residing in Italy, there is not any restriction about getting visa or entering Vietnam. However, Vietnam Immigration officers at Vietnam international airports shall require all foreign visitors entering Vietnam from Italy to complete the health quarantine declaration. In addition, each visitor also needs to check the body temperature at Vietnam airports. Those people who have a fever can be isolated or rejected entering Vietnam. 

At present, foreign visitors in Italy still can apply for Vietnam for Vietnam visa simply with a few online steps as below:

-       Submit a visa application online at

-       Complete visa approval fee. For tourist visa, it is USD 9/ person for 1 month single entry, USD 22/ person for 1 month multiple entries, USD 28/ person for 3 month single entry or USD 35/ person for 3 month multiple entries.

-       Receive Vietnam visa approval letter after 2 business days at maximum

-       Get Vietnam visa stamped upon arrival Vietnam airport

For any updated information about Vietnam visa regulation for Italian citizens or how to get Vietnam visa from Italy, please feel free to contact us.

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