The latest news about re-issuance Vietnam visa in 2022

The latest news about re-issuance Vietnam visa in 2022

  • Vietnam visa on arrival
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  • How to extend Vietnam visa in 2022 Until October 2022, the situation of Covid epidemic on the world is still very complicated with the continuos increase of positive cases in many countries. Facing these difficulties, te Vietnam Government has annouced the latest news about re-issuance Vietnam visa with the aim to facilitate foreign technical experts or high-skilled labor to enter and work in Vietnam while entering the disease control.

According to the updated regulation of Vietnam Govermnent, Vietnam tourist visa is still suspended to avoid the outbreak of disease.

For those foreign technical experts or high-skilled labor invited by Vietnam enterprises, the Vietnam Immigration Department may grant a business visa with valid duration of three months single entry if the enterprise is eligible to make guarantee for foreign labor during the time they reside and work in Vietnam.

What should you prepare for getting a Vietnamn business visa?

For sponsor enterprise: a business registration

For foreign labor: An ordinary passport with a validity of 6 months and 2 blank pages upward.

How to apply for Vietnam business visa in 2022?

In order to apply for a Vietnam business visa for foreign labor in this time, Vietnam enterprises can directly prepare the needful and submit requirements at the Immigration Department of Vietnam. Alternatively, you also can seek the help from Evietnamvisa to prepare required forms and submit the visa request on the behalf of your sponsor enterprise. All requirements for getting a business visa procedure are regulated in Vietnamese and should be committed by the sponsor enterprises. Therefore, it will be better if your sponsor company in Vietnam contact us directly. After checking whether the company is eligible to make guarantee for foreign labor or not, we will give staff in charge further guidelines on procedure of applying for a business visa.

For detailed information about procedure and the cost of applying for a business visa, please contact us.

How long does it take to apply for a business visa and to enter Vietnam in Covid epidemic period?

The procedure of applying for a Vietnam business visa may take 3-5 weeks. Because the processing time is quite long and variable, foreign labor should book air ticket to Vietnam only if your visa request is approved.

Once a visa approval letter is granted, foreign labor can go to Vietnam and get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam international airports. In addition, according to the regulation of the Vietnam Government, all foregn people entering Vietnam need to implement the quarantine. At present, the quarantine duration is from 5 to 14 days depending on each specific case and the current situation of Covid in Vietnam. After the quarantine time, foreign labor can start your work in your sponsor company.

For any further details about Vietnam visa regulation or information related to issuing Vietnam business visa in 2020, please don not hesiate to contact us via email or hotline number +84 943 25 25 52.

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