Is Vietnam visa required for Virgin Islands British passport holders

Is Vietnam visa required for Virgin Islands British passport holders

The immigration policy of Vietnam does require a Virgin Islander to have entry permission before entering the country. Thus, Virgin Islander citizens are required to have a Vietnam visa or a visa approval letter before visiting Vietnam.

Vietnam Evisa for Virgin Islands British passport holders

How to get pre-approved Vietnam Visa for Virgin Islands, British passport holders

Online Vietnam visa request for Virgin Islands, British passport holders

1. Applicable Vietnam visa types for Virgin Islands British passport holders

Depending on the purpose of entry, Virgin Islands British citizens must choose the according visa type: tourist, business, study, or visit. Aside from that, the proposed length of stay requires you to request a different type of visa as well. Vietnam tourist visa normally allows Virgin Islander citizens the stay duration of no more than 30 days, while Vietnam business visa types may be requested for Virgin Islander wishing to have a business purpose in the country. The business type can be more flexible in terms of validity length: 30 days or 90 days. For applicants planning to have a longer stay, please refer to 6 month Vietnam visa.

2. How much is it?

The visa rate is decided by the type of requested visa. Tourist visa for Virgin Islander normally costs less than busines type does. In addition, the cost can be lessened in case that Virgin Islander passport holder has sponsor agent in Vietnam. The sponsor is not applicable for the individual, it should be an organization or company that islocated and has a legal entity in Vietnam. In the event of being sponsored already, less visa cost is charged.

Details on pricing can be refered at Vietnam visa fee for Virgin Islands British passport holders.

Is Vietnam visa required for Virgin Islands British passport holders

3. What is the procedure?

For the cases that Virgin Islanders have a sponsor already, a form of guarantee is required to be completed by them. The rest of the procedure of is taken over by our agent who requests visa for you with the Immigration Department of Vietnam on your behalf.

In the case of requesting visa directly via us,, we are the sponsor arranging the all necessary requirements for you and submit them to the Immigration Department of Vietnam for your visa approval.

A scanned copy of your passport, proof of ticket and accomodation reservation are usally required to be presented in your visa application.

Once your visa request is approved, Virgin Islander citizens can have a visa approval letter or visa approval code sent to you by email. If you wish to get visa stamped onto your passport at the airport in Vietnam, then visa approval letter is sent, while visa approval code is applicable in case that you registered to have a visa issued at Embassy of Vietnam before traveling.

Regarding getting a visa on arrival, Virgin Islands British citizens should get the visa approval letter prior to your departure, so that you can present the visa approval to the airline that you travel with. The immigration officer of Vietnam airports will also require the presentation of the letter, base on the unique of which, they can track information in their database before issuing and stamping visa onto your passport.

Vietnam visa on arrival

4. How long does it take?

Normally, a visa application is processed within several bussiness. Getting visa via an agent can ensure the resulting outcome of the visa request within two bussiness days. Besides, various types of emergency Vietnam visa service can be utilized so that Virgin Islander citizens can get visa within even few hours or in one bussiness day. However, in some cases of Virgin Islander citizens' application may take longer time for verification.

5. Important notices for Virgin Islander getting visa for Vietnam

-        Visa type (Embassy visa or visa on arrival) should be clearly registered right at the time you submit your application.

-        The stamping fee should be prepared in USD in cash.

-        In the case of cancellation of your trip after getting visa approval, you can still request another visa approval letter for your changed trip schedule.

For more information and consultation of specific cases of Virgin Islander getting visa for Vietnam, please feel free to contact us: or call (84) 943 25 25 52.

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