How long can Albanian stay in Vietnam

How long can Albanian stay in Vietnam


Hi, I’m from Albania. In January, I plan to have a long trip to Vietnam. I wonder that how long can Albanian stay in Vietnam?


According to the rules of Vietnam Immigration Department, Albania passport holders can apply for tourist and business visa. Currently, the longest visa type for Albanians is business visa. This kind of visa has validity for 3 months.  For Albania citizens applied for a tourist visa, you can stay in Vietnam 30 days at the maximum. In case Albanian passport holders wish to stay in Vietnam longer than their visa’s permitted duration, you can extend or renew the visa without exiting the country.

1. Procedure on how t extend Vietnam visa for Albanian:

To extend or renew visa, you just need to send original passport to our office. Our staff will your information and give you details about the cost for visa extension. About processing time, it depends on kind of visa that you got. Normally, you need to wait 7 to 10 working days to get passport back with extended or renewed visa. Thus, you should get your visa extended about 1 week before your visa is expired. And Vietnam visa just can be extended 3 to 4 continuous times. In case, your time of staying in Vietnam is too long, your visa can not be extended more. You are required to exit Vietnam and apply for a new visa.

How long can Albanian stay in vietnam

Please notice that the procedure to get Vietnam visa extension for Albanian is complicated and expensive, it recommended for Albanian travelers who stay in Vietnam for a long time without exiting. For travelers intending to exit Vietnam before your visa’s expiration date, applying for a new visa when you re-enter is the best choice. By getting new visa, the processing time and approval fee for applying is shorter and lower than extending or renewing visa.

2. Procedure to apply for a new Vietnam visa for Albanian:

To apply for a new visa, Albanian is just required to complete Vietnam visa application form online. Then, you should transfer payment for visa approval fee via Paypal, One Pay, Western Union or Bank Transfer. After 2 working days at the latest, pre-approved Vietnam visa for Albanian will be approved and sent to your registered email. This is an electronic document that allows you to get visa at Vietnam airport (visa on arrival) or at Vietnam Embassy (visa code)

In case, Albanian passport holders have a work permit, you should apply for a temporary residence card which is valid from 1 to 3 years. If you do not have the work permit, applying for a new visa and then getting visa extension is recommended.

For any further information relating how long can Albanian stay in Vietnam, please feel free to contact us via email or hotline (84) 943 25 25 52. 

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