Emergency visa to Vietnam for Grenada passport holders

Emergency visa to Vietnam for Grenada passport holders

Vietnam Evisa for Grenada passport holders

Vietnam tourist visa for Grenada citizens

Is Vietnam visa required for Grenada passport holders

Before travelling to Vietnam, a Grenadian should have a visa ready on your passport, or a visa approval letter, which enable you to get visa stamped at airport in Vietnam. What to do in case you wish to get an emergency visa for Vietnam for Grenada passport holders?

-  Submit the online visa application here

-  Send payment for visa approval fee. The required visa fee for Grenada citizens is not regular since the sponsor fee is included.

-  Make a phone call to (84) 943 25 25 52 or (84) 8 5336 5336 to notify and get advice on when the visa is ready for your specific case

1. What is required Grenadian passport holders for entering Vietnam?

In rush case, a visa approval letter issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam is the necessary document that a Grenadian should obtain before departing to Vietnam. With this document, a Grenada citizen will get a visa stamped in your passport when arriving at Vietnam airport.

Vietnam tourist visa

2. How long does it take Grenadian to get an emergency visa?

Grenadian citizens only have their visa application for Vietnam processed when we have received your adequate information and payment. In most cases, emergency visa for Grenadian passport holders can be completed within one or two business days. However, the standard time for getting a visa request for Grenada travelers is four business days.

3. How can Grenadian pay for an emergency visa to Vietnam?

The emergency visa request is processed only when the payment for the visa approval fee is made. Thus, to avoid failure of transaction or lateness, please choose the payment method of OnePay or PayPal.

4. How much is an emergency visa to Vietnam for Grenadian?

Currently, the express processing time for Grenadian is two business days. Therefore, the approval fee will depend on the processing time and the emergency degree you request. At the application form online as provided above, the option of rush service for Grenada applicant is enabled with several options. In the case of any emergency, applicants are advised to contact us for instant and exact advice on the case.

Emergency visa to Vietnam for Grenada passport holders

Normally, for 1 working day, the extra amount of USD 10 is charged and for a 4-working hour, the additional fee you must pay is USD 25.

The fee of 1 – 2 working hour emergency will range from USD 30 to USD 50 depending on the point of time in a day that you request, please contact us via email or the phone number: (84) 943 25 25 52 or email us support@evietnamvisa.com to have details on the fee for specific case.

For weekend service for Grenadian passport holders (or holiday service), the approval fee on Saturday is cheaper than Sunday service or the other holiday service.

On weekend, to have enough time processing a visa request, Grenadian wishing to get plane departing to Vietnam should contact us at least 2 working hours in advance (excluding nighttime according to Vietnam time zone- GMT +7). In case you do not have enough 2 working hours, please contact your air ticket agency to know whether or not they allow you to get on board without the visa approval letter.  If they permit you, we can still assist you to get the visa approval letter.

Notice: As required by Vietnam Immigration Department, Grenadian citizens who apply for emergency Vietnam visa must send us the copy of your passport for further checking and security only.

Feel free to contact us at support@evietnamvisa.com or call at hotline (84) 943 25 25 52 if you need further information and assistance on how to get an emergency visa to Vietnam for Grenadian passport holders.

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