Residents in Algeria planning to travel to Vietnam should check visa requirements before departing to the country. Currently, there three places where the Embassy and Consulate of Vietnam are located.

Address: 30, Chénoua Street, Hydra, Algiers, Algeria.

Phone: (+213) 23 48 54 70

Fax: (+213) 23 48 54 67


Like other countries, Vietnam set up different visa requirements for different nationals, based on the bilateral agreement between Vietnam and specific countries. Several nationals can enjoy visa exemptions, while others may encounter strict requirements of getting a visa for Vietnam.

Check Vietnam visa requirements for Algeria citizens before taking preparation for the visa application.

How to get visa at Embassy of Vietnam in Algeria

I. Required Documents:

Normally Embassy and Consulate of Vietnam in Algeria will require foreigners the below-listed documents for their visa application for Vietnam.

1. Original passport

Before submitting the passport for a visa, double check the expires date of the passport. The Embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Algeria will only accept the visa application in the case applicant (s’) passport is valid at least for six months since the date you propose to enter Vietnam.

2. Visa Application Form

On inquiring for a visa, you will be provided the visa application form by the Embassy of Vietnam in Algeria. For the form, you are to complete it with the guidance offered by the Embassy of Vietnam in Algeria. It is important to prepare two photos, which are requested to be glued onto the form.

Citizens of some countries like China, holding electronic passport are granted a loose-leaf visa. In this case, the applicant needs to prepare one more photo.

To speed up your time at Embassy of Vietnam in Algeria (just go one time there), residents of this country may also request a visa approval code granted by the Immigration department of Vietnam beforehand.

The document has a unique code reference, which should be fill in the blank on the top of the form of visa application to be submitted to the Embassy of Vietnam in Algeria.

II. Visa Fees

The stamping fee rate is fixedly regulated, for details; go to Vietnam visa fee page. Yet, the extra cost may be charged by the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in Algeria.

Algeria citizens can pay the visa fee by money order, or cashier’s check, or certified check.

For a group of applicants, you can join in one order and a representative can do all the procedure and pay for the whole group.

III. Processing Time

A visa application typically takes five business days. In the case of being in rush to depart to Vietnam, you can request Embassy’s urgent service, which takes at least one or two business days. The rush fee is not fixed, and you should get consulate’s advice for your specific case.


-    The Embassy of Vietnam in Algeria is scheduled to not be open on Saturday, Sunday, and the national holidays of both Vietnam and Algeria.


-    For urgent cases and nationals of the Middle East and Africa countries, visa on arrival is recommended. You can request a visa online, get a pre-approved visa as the permission to get visa stamped on arrival at Vietnam airport (only air entries are eligible for this visa type). Citizens of the Middle East and African countries must have a sponsor (can be a visa agent online) requesting visa approval letter on your behalf. Embassy of Vietnam in Algeria does not approval the applications for such cases of having no pre-approved visa