Can you leave the airport while in transit at Ho Chi Minh city?

Can you leave the airport while in transit at Ho Chi Minh city?

Ho Chi Minh City, which is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam, has a Vietnam International Airport. In the role of an international airport, Tan Son Nhat airport permits foreigners to transit before taking a plane to the other country.

In case you just wait some hours for the next flight, you are allowed to freely stay within transit area without being required to have a transit visa. However, the compulsory condition is that you do not leave the airport for any purposes.

In case you want to be outside the airport or you do not have a firm decision on leaving the transit area or not, the sincere advice is that you should apply for a Vietnam visa.

To apply for Vietnam visa, you can enter your personal information into the visa application form on our website: Just several simple steps, you will complete the form. After that, do as our system’s guidance to reach the success in making payment for visa approval fee.

You can choose one of the payment methods to pay the approval fee.

Can you leave the airport while in transit at Ho Chi Minh city?

For the approval fee, it is normally USD 15/ person for a one-month single entry visa, USD 22/ person for a one-month multiple entries visa, USD 28/ person for a three-month single entry visa, or USD 35/ person for three-month multiple entries visa.

As you probably transit in Vietnam for some days, it is recommended that you should apply for a one-month single entry visa as this is the shortest visa type in terms of validity length.  Moreover, the procedure to get a one-month single visa does not consume your time.

After 2 working days at maximum (a standard service), 1 working day (an urgent service) and 4 working hours (a super urgent service), you will have a scanned visa approval letter issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam and sent via email to you. To get the visa at Vietnam airport, you must print it out and when you arrive at Vietnam airport, submit the hard copy with your passport to the staff in charge. S/he will stamp a Vietnam visa onto your passport.

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