Vietnam visa for Djibouti passport holders

Vietnam visa for Djibouti passport holders

According to update policy of Vietnam Immigration Department, applying for a visa is required for Djibouti passport holders wishing to enter Vietnam for any purpose. There are a lot of notifications for Djibouti passport holders when applying for Vietnam visa especially for person who enter Vietnam the first time as below:

1. How to get Vietnam visa in Djibouti?

Like citizens from other countries, Djibouti passport holders can apply for visa to Vietnam by 2 ways: applying online or applying directly at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. For both applying methods, your passport is required to have 2 blank pages and 6 month of validity at least.

Getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate:

Presently, Vietnam Embassy/Consulate has not been set up in Djibouti. Thus, it is not convenient for citizens of Djibouti to get visa for Vietnam by this way. To get visa at Embassy of Vietnam, Djibouti citizens are suggested to visit Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in the nearest county to submit Vietnam visa application and required documents. Normally, the documents consist your original passport, an invitation letter from your sponsor company in Vietnam and Vietnam visa approved document of the Department of Vietnam Immigration. For processing time, it takes about 7 to 10 working days to issue visa for Djibouti citizens. Thus, for applicants having urgent arrival date, getting Vietnam visa by this way is not recommended. Applying for visa to Vietnam at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate is just advised for travelers entering Vietnam by land or sea way, and having non-urgent arrival date. For air travelers and people who are rush to visit Vietnam, applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival is the best choice.

Vietnam visa for Djibouti passport holders

Briefly, citizens of Djibouti are not encouraged to apply for Embassy visa since the higher visa fee and high risk of being rejected in visa request. There is no guarantee that it will be always approved by the Embassy of Vietnam for Djibouti request visa.

Getting Vietnam visa o arrival for Djibouti citizens

This way is regarded as the best method to get visa to Vietnam for most of travelers on over the world. Thanks to quick processing, simple required documents and procedure as well, the applicants can get issued Vietnam visa approval letter within 3 to 5 working days at the latest. To start applying for visa to Vietnam, applicants can submit Vietnam visa application online directly at our system or contact our support team to get the form via your email. After completing application form, you should make the payment for visa approval fee by one of 4 methods namely Onepay, Paypal, Western Union or Bank Transfer. Most of our passengers choose sending approval fee by credit card via Onepay, Paypal, or paying through Western Union to as it takes short transferring time. Thus, the visa request can be proceed soon. Especially, applying for Vietnam visa by this way, applicants do not need to go to anywhere to submit visa requirement because none original document is required. All of documents to get Vietnam visa issued can be sent via email. After getting Vietnam visa application and payment for this, the issued Vietnam visa approval letter will be sent to applicants via registered email. Then you just need to check email get the letter and print it out. Upon you arrival at Vietnam international airport, you should present your Vietnam visa approval letter for Immigration officers. Staff in charge will check your information and stamp and official Vietnam visa onto your passport. And now, you are ready to visit Vietnam.

2. How does it cost for Vietnam visa for Djibouti passport holders?

Djibouti passport travelers as well as travelers from other countries wishing to get Vietnam visa need to pay visa approval fee and stamping fee. The cost of Vietnam visa depends on the way that applicants use to get visa to Vietnam.

When applying for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate, the visa fee is various from the Embassy in each country. For applicants choosing to get Vietnam visa online, the visa fee is always quoted clearly. It ranges from USD 190 to USD 240 depends on kind of your requested visa. For further details, please refer to Vietnam visa fee for Djibouti passport holders page.

3. What should Djibouti passport holders do when Vietnam visa expire?Vietnam visa for Djibouti passport holder

Currently, the longest visa type that for foreigners in general and for Djibouti passport holders in particular can apply is 3 month (single/ multiple) visa type. After entering Vietnam by tourist or business visa, if Djibouti travelers still want to stay in Vietnam without leaving when your visa is going to expire, you are advised to extend your current Vietnam visa. Because Vietnam visa extension fee is various from each specific case, for exact information about quoted fee or requirements, you are advised to contact us 1 week before your visa is expired. Normally, it takes about 7 to 10 working days to extend Vietnam visa. 

4. How to get emergency Vietnam Visa for Djibouti citizens?

In case Djibouti citizens are in rush to go to Vietnam, but you forgot applying for Vietnam visa in advance, applying online for visa to Vietnam is highly recommended. By using this way, you can request for urgent service, so that your Vietnam visa approval letter can be issued within 2 to 3 working days. The cost varies upon on the level of emergency. You are advised to check with our support team to get detailed for quotation fee.

In brief, for foreigners and especially for Djibouti passport holders wishing to enter Vietnam by air, applying online for Vietnam visa on arrival is the best choice. After few working days for waiting, you can get the issued visa approval letter, and you can enter Vietnam legally. To avoid paying higher fee to use urgent service or super urgent service, applicants should check visa requirements before travelling to Vietnam and any country as well.

For further information related to Vietnam visa for Djibouti passport holders, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or hotline +(84) 943 25 25 52. 

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