Vietnam visa for Andorra passport holders

Vietnam visa for Andorra passport holders


Hi, I am an Andorra passport holder. At the end of January, 2014 I am going to apply for Vietnam visa to visit the country. Therefore, master basic information about Vietnam visa for Andorra passport holders is necessary for me. I will be thankful if you can help me


Learning information about Vietnam visa including the procedure, the cost and other related information will help Andorra citizens as well as citizens coming from other countries a lot when applying for Vietnam visa with purpose of tourist or business. Below is comprehensive information any Andorra citizens wishing to apply for Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa for Andorra passport holders1.      Applicable types of Vietnam visa for Andorra Citizens?

Vietnam visa types are categorized based on different criteria. The first criterion is time duration and number of entry and exit. Regarding this criterion, Andorran passport holder can apply for 4 types of Vietnam visa as following:

  • 1 month single Vietnam visa: allow you to enter and exit Vietnam 1 time within 1 month
  • 1 month multiple Vietnam visa: allow you to enter and exit Vietnam multiple time within 1 month
  • 3 month single Vietnam visa: allow you to enter and exit Vietnam 1 time within 3 months
  • 3 month multiple Vietnam visa: you are allowed to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within 3 months

The second criterion is the way you use to enter Vietnam. If you plan to enter Vietnam by airway, Vietnam visa on arrival is available for you, and your entry way is land or sea, we offer Vietnam visa code to get Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in the country you are residing.

2.      Cost of Vietnam visa for Andorra citizens

Like citizens of other countries, Andorra citizens need to pay two kinds of fee when applying for Vietnam visa: visa approval fee and stamping fee. Visa approval fee is paid to Evietnamvisa agent who assists you to process Vietnam visa approval letter or Vietnam visa approval code. This fee applied for Andorra citizens is various from different types of Vietnam visa regarding the time. The detailed fees: USD 20/applicant for 1 month single visa, USD 25/applicant for 1 month multiple Vietnam visa, USD 30/applicant for 3 month single visa and USD 40/person for 3 months multiple visa. For secure reason, we have third party accept payments for visa approval fee online. They are PayPal, OnePay, Banks Transfer and Western Union. Stamping fee is kind of fee you pay in cash to get Vietnam visa stamped onto passport at Vietnam international airport or at Vietnam embassy abroad. The stamping fee at airport is fixed which is USD 45/applicant for single visa (1 month or 3 months), USD 65/applicant for multiple visa of no more than 39 days and USD 95/applicant for multiple visa of more than 29 days and less than 90 days.  Otherwise, if Andorra citizens get Vietnam visa stamped onto passport at embassy, this fee will depend on each embassy’s policy.

3.      Procedure to apply for Vietnam visa for Andorra citizens

At present, Andorra citizens can apply for Vietnam visa by using online method. It is very simple and easy, you can stay at home and apply for your Vietnam visa via Evietnamvisa agent. The procedure includes 3 steps:

  • Complete Vietnam visa application online at our website with necessary information, then pay visa approval fee online
  • Wait for 2 working days to receive pre-approved Vietnam visa for Andorra via your registered email
  • Print the scan copy of the letter and bring it to Vietnam airport (visa approval letter) or Vietnam embassy (visa approval code) to get official Vietnam visa

Visa approval letter or visa approval code is not an official Vietnam visa it is the pre-approved visa, Andorra citizens can use it to get your official Vietnam visa easier and quicker at Embassy of Vietnam or at Vietnam airport

4.      Visa on arrival for Andorra citizens

As mentioned above, Andorra citizens can get Vietnam visa at two places: airport of Vietnam and Vietnam embassy. While getting Vietnam visa at embassy, Andorra citizens need to visit embassy directly before departure, you can get your official Vietnam visa upon arrival Vietnam when you travel to Vietnam by plane and arrive at Vietnam airport. Right after your flight lands in Vietnam airport, you should go straight to the check- in point and show your issued letter to officer of immigration Department working there. They will check information on your letter and information saved in the database to stamp Vietnam visa onto passport for you.

5.      Length of time that Andorra citizens can stay in Vietnam after entering

In fact, foreigners including Andorra citizens can stay in Vietnam longer than the duration time noted in their Vietnam visa without exiting if you extend your Vietnam visa.. With assistance of Evietnamvisa, Andorra citizens can extend visa easier. At first, you should scan or take photo of your passport containing all Vietnam visa page(s) and send to our email, we will check with Vietnam Immigration Department to give you the best advice about extension fee, required documents and processing time. After getting our confirmation email, you should submit your original passport at our office located at 3& 4th floor, 69 Nguyen Phong Sac street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi city. In case you live far way from our office, you can use post office to send your passport. After 5-7 business days to extend, you should visit our office again to get your passport back with a new Vietnam visa stamped onto passport. Normally, Andorra citizens can stay in Vietnam 3 months at the longest, but with extension service you are allowed to stay in the country 1 month or 3 months more without exiting. Extension service is only recommended in case Andorra citizens cannot exit Vietnam while your Vietnam visa is going to expire only. In case you can exit Vietnam and wish to come back the country, you are recommended to re apply for a new Vietnam visa to save money and time.

Thanks to the various advantageous of visa on arrival, we always advised our customers to use this visa type if they plan to visit Vietnam by airway. Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival, not only Andorra citizens but also citizens coming from other countries can save a lot money, time and effort to have a Vietnam visa. For further information related to Vietnam visa for Andorra passport holder, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone + (84) 943 25 25 52 or (+ (84) 8 5336 5336)

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