Vietnam visa fee for Canadians

Vietnam visa fee for Canadians

According to the latest Immigration Law of Vietnam, Canadian citizens are allowed to enter Vietnam, and required to apply for visa before departing to the country.

.vietnam visa fee for Canadians

Vietnam visa fee for Canadians depends on the way they apply for visa, and the visa type they wish to get. Further details on the cost of Vietnam visa applied for citizens of Canada will be provided hereafter.

1. Vietnam visa fee for Canadians getting visa at Embassy of Vietnam

Canadians can apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in your country. You can go to the below address to request for a visa and follow the requirement of Embassy of Vietnam there:

Embassy of Vietnam in Ottawa, CANADA
Address: 470 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6M8, CANADA
Phone:  (1613) 236 0772

According to many experienced applicants’ feedbacks, the fee to process visa request at Vietnam Embassy is much higher than that you apply at a travel agent. Normally, it is USD 80 upward for 1 month single entry visa. Compared with the normal service fee at a travel agent, you will save from USD 30 to USD 45. Besides, the processing time is often 4-5 working days.

2. Vietnam visa fee for Canadians getting visa on arrival

Because of various advantages of applying online namely convenience, saving, short-time processing and secure, Canadian should choose visa on arrival. In getting Vietnam visa on arrival for Canadians, there are two kinds of fee they need to pay: visa approval fee and stamping fee. The approval fee is paid to the agent who request Vietnam visa for Canadians so that we can send your visa request to the Immigration Department of Vietnam; the result of the procedure is a visa approval letter/code issued by this governmental unit and sent to your email.

Details on the approval fee for Canadians is regularly updated at common visa fee page

Another fee type is stamping fee which you must pay at Vietnam airport when you get visa stamped onto your passport. The stamping fee of Vietnam visa for Canadian is the same as for citizens of other countries.

To get Vietnam visa on arrival for Canadian:

Canadians just submit online Vietnam visa application. After 2 working days, you will receive a visa approval letter via email. Finally, when you arrive at Vietnam airport, basing the information on your valid passport, the visa approval letter and a completed application for entry and exit Vietnam, the Immigration officers will stamp a Vietnam visa onto your passport.

For further assistance and specific advice on Vietnam visa fee for Canadians, please contact us via email or hotline (84) 943 25 25 52. 

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