Vietnam visa fee for Barbadian passport holders

Vietnam visa fee for Barbadian passport holders

According to the recent changes in Vietnam Immigration law, two sub-types of  Vietnam visa fee applied for Barbadian passport holders is charged via their guarantee agent who requests visa for them on their behalf. Thus, all Barbadian citizens coming to  Vietnam for tourist or business purpose are to pay 3 different types of fee: the guarantee fee, the approval fee, and the stamping fee.

The guarantee Vietnam visa fee for Barbadian passport holders: this fee is charged by the agent prior to their sending the visa request for Barbadian citizens to Vietnam Immigration Department. In case Barbadian passport holders enter Vietnam and have another guarantee company, their business partner for example, the guarantee fee is not charged. In this case, Barbadian applicant should contact us for the guarantee form (this form is to obey the one requested by the Immigration Department of Vietnam, not just an invitation letter).

Vetnam visa fee for Barbadian passport holders. Vietnam visa approval fee for Barbadian passport holders: like guarantee fee, the approval fee is paid right after Barbadian complete their visa application. Visa approval fee means the fee to get approval letter (a legal document) by Vietnam Immigration Department. Once the approval letter is issued for themselves, Barbadian passport holders can get visa stamped anytime at Embassy of Vietnam (visa code) or at Vietnam airport (visa on arrival). When Barbadian passport holders submit the visa application online, the guarantee fee and the approval fee is automatically quoted in total if the nationality of the applicant is selected.

Vietnam visa stamping fee Barbadian passport holders: In case Barbadian apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, they pay the stamping fee to the officer in charge of stamping visa for at Vietnam airport. In case they apply for visa code, they pay the fee to the staff in charge of the Embassy when they get visa stamped. The Vietnam visa stamping fee applied for Barbadian citizens is the same as citizens of other countries. This stamping fee is update regularly at Vietnam visa fee page.

For further information about Vietnam visa fee for Barbadian passport holders, please contact us via or hotline number (84) 943 25 25 52.

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