Pre-approved Vietnam visa for Egyptian

Pre-approved Vietnam visa for Egyptian

According Vietnam Immigration law, Vietnam visa online currently is applicable for Egyptian passport holders. By using this visa type, applicants will get pre-approved Vietnam visa which is eligible to pick up official Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam airport.

Before applying, applicants should get some notices about pre-approved Vietnam visa for Egyptian as below:

1. How does pre-approved Vietnam visa work for Egyptian?Pre-approved Vietnam Visa for Egyptian

Pre-approved visa is an electronic document granted by Vietnam Immigration Department for foreigners. Basing the method to pick up visa, pre-approved Vietnam visa is divided into 2 kinds: Vietnam visa approval letter and Vietnam visa approval code corresponding to 2 visa types: visa on arrival and visa code. While Vietnam visa approval letter allows Egyptian to get official Vietnam visa upon your arrival at Vietnam international airport, Vietnam visa approval code allows applicants to pick up visa at Embassy of Vietnam you applied. Thus before applying for pre-approved Vietnam visa, Egyptian applicants should make sure about the method entering Vietnam to choose a suitable Vietnam visa type.

2. How to apply for pre-approved Vietnam visa for Egyptian?

Currently pre-approved Vietnam visa can be requested just in few minutes. Applicants just need to submit Vietnam visa application online. Then you should complete payment for visa approval fee as quoted by the system.

For Egyptian passport holders, applicable visa types you can get with pre-approved Vietnam visa include: 1 month single/ multiple entry visa and 3 month single/ multiple entry visa. The cost and processing time to get pre-approved for these visa types are not same. For details, it takes USD 25/ person for 1 month single entry visa, USD 30/ person for 1 month multiple entries  visa, USD 35/ person for 3 month single entry visa, and USD 45/ person for 3 month multiple entries visa. About processing time, Egyptian applicants should wait for 3 business days to get 1 month visa issued and 4 business days for 3 month visa issued.

In urgent cases, Egyptian applicants can get pre-approved Vietnam visa faster by using express service. At present, EVIETNAMVISA offer urgent service (1 working day processing) and super urgent service (4 working hours processing). However these services are recommended for applicants applying for visa approval letter to get visa on arrival only. For applicants applying for visa approval code, after getting code, you need to spend 1 or 2 working days more to pick up visa at Embassy of Vietnam.

In brief pre-approved Vietnam visa is applicable for both applicants getting visa at Vietnam airport (visa on arrival) and applicants getting visa at Vietnam Embassy (visa code). However, the procedure to get visa on arrival is much simpler than getting visa code as applicants will not go to any Embassy of Vietnam to pick up visa before departure. Thus for Egyptian passport holders entering Vietnam by airway, applying for visa approval letter to get visa on arrival is extremely recommended. For travelers entering Vietnam by land or sea way, as there is not visa on arrival service at Vietnam border, getting visa code at Embassy of Vietnam is suggested.

For any further information relating pre-approved Vietnam visa for Egyptian, please feel free to contact us via email or hotline (84) 943 25 25 52.

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