How to get visa at Vietnam airport

How to get visa at Vietnam airport

To visit Vietnam or do business in this country, most of foreigners need to have Vietnam visa. In the past, getting visa at Vietnam embassy located in your resident country is the sole way. Nowadays, people coming to Vietnam as foreigners need not to visit Vietnam embassy/consulate but still can get visa to Vietnam easily. You can get visa upon arrival Vietnam at one of three Vietnam international airports. This article offers necessary guidelines on how to get visa at Vietnam airport.

Currently, almost all citizens of countries in the world can get visa at Vietnam international airports as long as you have an issued Vietnam visa approval letter beforehand. In other words, airport Vietnam visa is available for almost all nationalities.  

To get Vietnam airport visa, foreigners should prepare carefully several required items including an original passport with at least 6 months of validity remaining and 2 blank pages upward, a copy of Vietnam visa approval letter which you can get by applying online, 2 passport sized photos, cash in Vietnam dong or USD to pay stamping fee and an application form for entry and exit Vietnam.

1. What is Vietnam visa approval letter?

Vietnam visa approval letter permits foreigners to enter and get visa stamped at any international airport of Vietnam. This letter is issued by Immigration Department of Vietnam and can be obtained online under assistance of a visa agency in Vietnam. Foreigners can obtain Vietnam visa from Evietnamvisa by hereby guidance:

Firstly, you complete Vietnam visa application online. Your application form must contain required information which is identical to what is shown in your passport  

Secondly, you transfer payment to process your Vietnam visa approval letter. Transferring payment via PayPal, OnePay, Bank transfer or Western union is accepted.

Thirdly, 2 working days since completing visa application and payment, you should check your email to get your Vietnam approval letter. You even can get your letter issued quicker if you request urgent service. In this case, the taken time depends upon the level of urgency you select, which can be from 4 to 8 working hours. It is noticeable that for citizens of Africa and Middle East, it might take longer time to process visa approval letter. For those cases, you should contact us via email to have specific details.

With above simple steps, you will have an issued Vietnam visa approval letter in hand. Now what you need to do is get visa stamped at Vietnam airport.

2. How to get stamped Vietnam visa at Vietnam airport?

After receiving the Vietnam visa approval letter by email, foreigners should print it out when depart to Vietnam by plane. When travelling to Vietnam, you should bring the letter along with your important document, your passport. Arriving at Vietnam airport, you just need to look for the counter “landing visa” or “Vietnam visa on arrival” at the airport and come there directly. Or in case you cannot find out the sign, you can ask for direction from staff working at the airport. At landing visa counter, the Vietnam immigration officer will require you to show your passport, visa approval letter and photo to compare your personal information in the letter with their database. Then they will stamp Vietnam visa onto your passport.   

How to get visa at Vietnam airport

 3. How much does it cost to get visa at Vietnam airport?

To get visa stamped at Vietnam airport upon arrival, it is required for foreigners to pay service fee and stamping fee. The visa agency will collect service fee to ask for Vietnam visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department for you. Thus, foreigners should complete this service fee before your visa approval letter is issued. The detailed service fee will be quoted right after you submit your visa application online. For stamping fee, foreigners should prepare before travelling to Vietnam as this fee is required to pay in cash at Vietnam airport directly to the immigration officers of Vietnam. Both USD and Vietnam Dong are accepted to pay stamping fee. The details of stamping fee for different visa types are as below:  USD 45/person for single visa of 1 month and 3 months, USD 65/person for multiple visa of no more than 29 days, and USD 95/person for multiple visa of more than 29 days but less than 90 days. Useful tips: If you plan to apply for 1 month multiple entries- visa but your staying duration is less than 29 days, you are suggested to leave a clear notice in your application about this, so that you can save money for stamping fee.

4. Differences between airport Vietnam visa and embassy/consulate Vietnam visa?

According to feedback from many foreigners who have used airport Vietnam visa, this visa type brings more outstanding advantages than the traditional type- Vietnam embassy/consulate visa.  

Instead of spending too much time at Vietnam embassy, foreigners can get visa quickly and simply with airport Vietnam visa. Applying for this visa type online, it takes only 2 working days. Once you have landed at Vietnam airport, the staff working at the airport will guide you to go the Vietnam visa on arrival counter to stamp visa onto passport. Depending on the number of passengers waiting in the queue, the waiting time to get official visa may last from 20 to 30 minutes. In order to speed up the time to stamp visa Vietnam, Evietnamvisa offer SSS- stamping support service which help foreigners get stamped quicker. Using this service, you just need to find the board with your name on it when coming to Vietnam and then give your original passport, visa approval letter and stamping fee to our SSS staff. He/she will assist you to get Vietnam visa stamped on your behalf. You just need to sit and wait to receive your passport back with a stamped Vietnam visa.

In addition, going to Vietnam embassy or consulate oversea is compulsory if foreigners want to get visa Vietnam via Embassy. Meanwhile, getting visa at Vietnam international airport help you to obtain visa straight away upon your arrival without going to anywhere before departure. What you need to do is only preparing an issued Vietnam visa approval letter before travelling.

In conclusion, it is the best option to choose getting visa at Vietnam airport because you will save more time and money than getting visa at Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate. In addition, as no original documents is required to be sent anywhere, just ensuring that you submitted exact information it is very secure and convenient.

For further information related to how to get visa at Vietnam airport, please send an email to or make a call to our hotline number (+84) 943 25 25 52. 

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