How to get pre-approved Vietnam Visa for Singapore passport holders

How to get pre-approved Vietnam Visa for Singapore passport holders

Pre-approved Vietnam visa (Vietnam visa approval letter) is issued by Immigration Department of Vietnam. With the pre-approved Vietnam visa, Singapore    passport holders are allowed to get visa stamped onto their passport at Vietnam airport.

How to get pre-approved Vietnam Visa for Singapore passport holdersPlease be noted that pre-approved Vietnam visa is applicable for those Singapore    passport holders who enter Vietnam via airways only.

Currently, applying online for pre-approved visa and get visa stamped at Vietnam airport is the most convenient way to get the visa for Singapore    citizens.

Steps to get pre-approved visa for Singapore    citizens:

-          Complete the application form online

-          Make payment for the visa approval fee for Singapore    citizens

-          Receive the visa approval letter after 3 or 4 working days via registered email

When Singapore    passport holders have received the issued pre-approved Vietnam visa, it means that they have got the required documents to get visa at Vietnam airport. After that, Singapore    passport holders just put their passport your passport, a passport sized picture, and the printed pre-approved visa at the same place with your passport to board onto flight to Vietnam and get visa stamped at Vietnam airport.


Please be kindly informed that the pre-approved Vietnam visa is an electronic approval letter so Singapore    citizens can print it from everywhere in the world.

The approval fee depends on the visa types Singapore    passport holders apply. To get details about the visa approval fee, please contact us via hotline number:  (84) 943. 25.25.52 or send email to:

For further information on how to get pre-approved Vietnam visa for Singapore    citizens, please contact us or call us (84) 943 25 25 52

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