How to extend Vietnam visa for Albanian?

How to extend Vietnam visa for Albanian?


I am staying in Vietnam for about 3moth. My current visa is going to expire. Now I want to stay longer in Vietnam. I am Albania citizens. Please let me know how to extend Vietnam visa for Albanian. Many thanks for your help.


According to regulation on visa extension for foreigners granted by Vietnam Immigration Department, for foreigners who want to stay longer in Vietnam than you visa’ permitted duration, you need extend or renew Vietnam visa. By extension or renewal the visa, foreigners do not need to exit Vietnam.

1. Steps to get extended or renewed a visa for Albanian:

To apply for visa extension or renewal, applicants should send us scan copy of passport page(s) which contain all Vietnam visa(s) and the related seal(s) to check requirement and quotation fee in advance as the extension fee depends upon the quantity of Vietnam visa got in your passport, the arrival port in Vietnam, the category of your Vietnam visa and so on. After receiving information, our staff will check and confirm you whether your current visa can be extended or not as well as the fee to extend visa for you.

How to extend Vietnam Visa for Albanian

In case you decide to use visa extension service, you just need to submit your original passport to our office as this is required document to extend Vietnam visa. Currently, 3 month single or multiple times is the longest Vietnam visa type Albanian can extend or renew. For processing time to get visa extension, it may take 5 to 10 working days basing visa type you want to extend. Normally, Albanian should wait 5 to 7 working days to extend 1 month visa and 8 to 10 working days to extend 3 month visa. During processing time, your original passport will be kept at Vietnam Immigration Department. Thus, before extending visa, applicants should make sure that you will not use your original passport to flight anywhere.

Please notice that the procedure of getting visa extension takes a long time and an expensive cost. Thus it recommended for Albanian passport holders wishing to stay in Vietnam in a long time without leaving the country. In case, if Albanian travelers can exit Vietnam by any chance, you are suggested to apply for a new visa when re-enter the country because of its short processing time and simple procedure.

2. Procedure to get Vietnam visa for Albanian:

To apply for a new visa, the best way is getting visa online especially getting airport Vietnam visa for Albanian. Applicants are just required to complete Vietnam visa application form online. Then you should make payment for visa approval fee as quoted by the system. After 2 working days since completing visa requirement, you can receive Vietnam visa approval letter approved by the Immigration Department of Vietnam via registered email. By presenting this letter for Vietnam Immigration officer at Vietnam airport upon your arrival, you will get official Vietnam visa stamped onto your passport.

3. Vietnam visa extension and Vietnam visa renewal:

Both Vietnam visa extension and Vietnam visa renewal are eligible and legal for foreigners to stay in Vietnam. However, there are some differences between these two visa types. Visa extension fee is a seal and Vietnam visa renewal is a new Vietnam visa stamped onto your passport. Vietnam visa renewal can help Albanian extend for Vietnam for the next time more easily than Vietnam visa extension, so the cost of Vietnam visa renewal is higher than visa extension.

For further information related to how to extend Vietnam visa for Albanian, please contact us via email: or hotline: (84) 943.25.25.52

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