How long does it take Bahraini to get Vietnam visa?

How long does it take Bahraini to get Vietnam visa?


Hello, I’m planning visit your country together my wife for 2 weeks. We are Bahraini passport holders. Please kindly give us some information about Vietnam visa requirement as well as how long does it takes Bahraini to get Vietnam visa?


Vietnam Immigration law regulates that Bahraini passport holders wishing to enter Vietnam for any purpose are required to apply for Vietnam visa before entering the countries. There are two alternative ways for Bahraini to obtain visa toVietnam: getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy or getting Vietnam visa online. These ways of getting visa takes different processing time.

1. How long does it takes to get Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy:

Until now, Vietnamhas not set up Vietnam Embassy in Bahrainyet. Bahraini can go to Vietnam Embassy in nearest country to request for visa. Normally, it takes about 5 to 7 working days for staff in charge at Vietnam Embassy to check your related information. The required document in this case is your original passport and a guarantee letter from a company in Vietnam that makes guarantee for your staying or working during the time you reside in Vietnam. However, due to the feedback of almost our Bahraini customers, the most inconvenient thing is your visa request can be rejected by Embassy of Vietnam without any clear reason. Thus getting Vietnamvisa at Vietnam Embassy is not recommended for Bahraini.

How long does it take Bahraini to get Vietnam Visa

2. How long does it takes to get Vietnam visa online:

The procedure to get Vietnam visa on arrival for Bahraini only takes 2 working days for 1 month visa, and 3 working days for 3 month visa sent to your email. By applying for Vietnam visa online, applicants will received an electronic legal document Vietnam visa approval letter granted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam, which allows you to get Vietnam visa stamped at Vietnam international airports.

To apply for Vietnam visa online, what you need to do is to submit Vietnam visa application online, and then make payment for visa approval fee.

Please notice that due to diplomatic relation between Vietnam and Bahrain, Vietnam visa applied fee for Bahraini citizen is higher than the applied fee for citizens of other countries. Vietnam visa applied fee for Bahraini will be quoted right after you submit your nationality. Or to get further details about visa applied fee for Bahraini citizens, please feel free to contact to our support team..

After 3 working days since completing visa application and payment, Bahraini will receive visa approval letter sent to your register email.

What you need to do then is to get visa approval letter printed copy, and bring it together your original passport to get the flight to Vietnam. Upon your arrival at Vietnam airport, by presenting your visa approval letter for Vietnam Immigration officer, you will get Vietnam visa stamped on to your passport. And now, you are ready to enter and visit the country. 

For any further information about how long does it take Bahraini to get Vietnam visa, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or hotline (84) 943 25 25 52.

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