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Vietnam visa online for Belize passport holders

Vietnam tourist visa for Belize citizens

How to get pre-approved Vietnam Visa for Belize passport holders

Vietnam visa fee for Belize citizens

Citizens of Belize having plan to visit Vietnam as a tourist or do business purpose must have a visa or a visa approval letter before departing. Currently, Vietnam visa online for Belize citizens are applicable. The below info is important for citizens of Belize to note down when sourcing an online visa for Vietnam.

1. What is visa online?

The online visa or the visa approval letter is the official document granted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. Belizean has this visa letter of visa approval means they are allowed to get visa for sure at airport in Vietnam or at an Embassy of Vietnam (Belizean can register where to get visa at your convenience beforehand). There are several visa agents in Vietnam can sponsor and get visa permission from the Immigration Department of Vietnam on your behalf. Therefore, once Belize citizens have got your trip to Vietnam planned, you can apply for visa approval letter online.

2. Applicable visa types for Belizeans

Citizens of Belize can request visa for tourist or business entry purpose. 30 days and 90 days types are presently applicable (for both single and multiple entry).

3. How much is it?

Two fee types are required when a Belizean apply for Vietnam visa online.

The first is the approval fee, which you pay to get approval permission from the Immigration Department of Vietnam. This fee is paid once the application for visa is submitted and confirmed.

The second is the common fee that any foreigners including Belize passport holders, getting visa stamped at airport in Vietnam have

Vietnam visa

4. Is this reliable?

The Immigration Department of Vietnam encourages this way since they can monitor the immigration activities of foreigners better. When a Belizean passport holder applies for visa online via a visa agent, you are requesting that agent to be the sponsor for you during your stay in Vietnam. Thus, it is currently the most chosen way to get visa for Vietnam, especially citizens of Middle East and African countries (because Vietnamese Embassies do not issue visa on personal requests by those citizens).

For further information on the legibility of Vietnam visa online (Vietnam visa on arrival), kindly refer to the airline visa database where they mention the acceptation of visa approval letter (pre approval letter), or spend a little time with the popular travel guide channel at Tripadvisors' article about visa on arrival

5. Checklist for Belizean citizens before applying for Vietnam visa online

     1. Your passport is at least 6 months valid since the date of arrival in Vietnam

     2. The confirmation of hotel or any type of accommodation booking

     3. The re-turn flight ticket reservation

Vietnam visa online for Belize passport holders

Please kindly note that the issued visa has the accordant validity based on the provided booking and reservation of Belizean citizens. You are allowed to stay in Vietnam no more than the valid period noted in your requested visa.

If Belizean citizens are going to transit or have stop over in Vietnam without getting outside of the transit area, you will not be required visa.

Collecting visa at Vietnam airport may take around 10 to 30 minutes depending on the number of people in the same line getting visa at airport.

6. What should Belize citizens prepare for getting visa?

Besides your Belizean passport, the visa approval letter we sent to you online via email is the most important document. Of course, the personal information in the letter must match that in your passport (you should carefully note in the application form for visa).

Besides, another form will also be required for all travelers around the world to Vietnam (application for entry and exit Vietnam). We normally provide the form to clients together with the guidelines for stamping visa.

A passport-sized photo and the cash for stamping fee are also needed preparing beforehand.

Procedure to apply for visa online for Belizean citizens

-          Complete visa application form online at

-          Send the booking and reservation to

-          Send Payment for visa approval (you can send payment online with cards or PayPal account)

-          Receive visa approval letter online via email

-          Get the letter printed out

-          Stamped visa at airport in Vietnam

For further consultation on Vietnam visa online for Belizeans, please feel free to contact , or call (84) 943 25 25 52.

Apply vietnam visa online

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