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Vietnam visa fee for Armenia citizens

The Immigration law of Vietnam regulates that citizens of Armenia wishing to visit Vietnam for any purpose are required visa. To get this document, paying fee is certainly needed. Is there any special noticed on Vietnam visa fee for Armenia citizens? This section will provide answer in detail.

Presently, it is applicable for Armenia citizens to request one month or three month visa (either single entry or multiple entries). For each type of fee, all applicants are required two kinds of fee including visa approval fee and stamping fee.

How much does it cost for approval fee?Vietnam visa fee for Armenia citizens

Visa approval fee is the fee to process pre-approved visa for Armenian (visa approval letter for visa on arrival or visa approval code for visa code). According to diplomatic relation between two countries, visa fee applied for Armenian is little bit higher than visa fee for citizens of other countries. With a visa application, each applicant is required to pay USD 35 for one month single entry visa, USD 40 for one month multiple entries visa, USD 60 for three month single entry visa or USD 75 for three month multiple entries visa. This fee need to be completed for visa agent that you submit visa application.

How much does it cost for stamping fee?

Stamping fee is also one of required fee so as to obtain Vietnam visa for Armenian. For those who request visa on arrival, stamping fee is USD 25 per person to get single entry visa, or USD 50 per person for get multiple entries visa stamped onto your passport. This fee is collected in cash by Vietnam Immigration officials upon travelers arrive Vietnam international airport. Unlike visa on arrival, if Armenia citizens request visa code, stamping fee will be charged by staff working at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate where visitors pick up visa. In this case, stamping fee may be regulated diversely upon Vietnam Embassy in different countries.  

How can Armenia citizens get visa to Vietnam?

There is no any special or complicated requirement to get visa for Armenian citizens. This procedure presently can be performed quickly with some simple steps as following:

-       Submitting visa application online

-       Sending visa approval fee

-       Receiving visa approval letter/ approval code through email

-       Getting official visa at Embassy of Vietnam (visa code) or getting visa upon landing Vietnam international airport (visa on arrival)

Until now, Vietnam Embassy has not been set up in Armenia, so these citizens intending to get visa code need to visit Embassy of Vietnam located in another country. This is the reason visa code is not recommended for air travelers. If Armenia choose airway as your entry, getting visa on arrival can be seen as the most convenient, secure and cheapest option.

In order to be assisted about Vietnam visa fee for Armenia citizens, please feel free to contact us via email or hotline +84 943 25 25 52. 

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