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Vietnam tourist visa for Belize citizens

Is Vietnam visa required for Belize passport holders

Vietnam Evisa for Belize passport holders

How to get pre-approved Vietnam Visa for Belize passport holders

Like almost other Middle East countries, citizens in Belize can apply for Vietnam visa when they desire to visit Vietnam for tourist or any other purpose. However, there are some notices on Vietnam tourist visa for Belize applicants should consider as below:

1. Applicable Vietnam visa types for Belizeans:

Regarding the proposed time of staying in Vietnam, Belize citizens can consider the two applicable visa types of 30 days or 90 days. Both of these types have options of single and multiple entries. Belize citizens can consider your travel plan to decide the number of entry type.

Aside from that, depending on the purpose of entry, tourist or business visa type is applicable for Belizean citizens. Tourist type is normally easy to be approved then the business type.

Visa for Vietnam

2. The cost of Vietnam tourist visa for Belizeans:

In getting a visa for citizens of Belize, there are two required visa fees: approval fee and stamping fee (government fee).

The agent who sponsors you during the time you are in Vietnam charges the approval fee. They are also in charge of consulting and requesting visa for you on your behalf. Since Vietnam visa requirements for Belizean citizens are stricter than normal, the sponsoring agent is necessary for you when you wish to get a visa. For details on the charge of visa approval fee, go to the page Vietnam visa fee for Belizeans to get updated.

The stamping fee, on the other hand, is fixed and charged directly by the Immigration officer at the airport in Vietnam, where the visa is stamped in your passport. This fee type is the same for travelers of all nationals around the world.

Vietnam tourist visa for Belize citizens

Notice: In case if Belize citizens entering Vietnam by guarantee by a business partner in Vietnam, you should ask staff in charge in this company to contact us directly, so that we can guide him/her how to complete the guarantee form as well as help with the further procedure for getting a visa.

3. How to apply for Vietnam tourist visa for Belize citizens?

Firstly, completing Vietnam visa application online.

Secondly, receiving confirmation of your submitted application and send the scan copy of your Belize passport.

Thirdly, make payment for visa approval fee. The applied fee for citizens of Belize is not the same as other regular nationals.

Finally, get visa approval letter via email. The waiting time for Belize citizens to get visa request approved is two or three business days.

For any further assistance relating Vietnam tourist visa for Belize citizens, please feel free to contact us via email or hotline number (84) 943 25 25 52.

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