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Vietnam Business Visa

Vietnam Business visa, which is categorized as B visa, is compulsory for those who enter Vietnam with business purpose. A Vietnam business visa may be valid from one month to three months up to the request of foreigners.

1. What are requirements when applying for Vietnam business visa?

Foreigners just need a passport of six month valid at least and two blank pages left to apply for a business visa to Vietnam. Besides, 2 passport- regulated size photos, and a pre-approval letter/ or approval code granted by Vietnam Immigration Department before departing to Vietnam is required when stamping Vietnam visa for business purpose at Vietnam airport.

2. How to apply for Vietnam Business Visa?Vietnam business visa

To get business visa for Vietnam, foreigners can apply for visa at Embassy of Vietnam or apply online. However, the Embassy of Vietnam may required a few proof documents and guarantee letter before issuing a business visa for foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam. Thus, the easiest way to get visa for your business trip to Vietnam is to go to apply Vietnam visa online page, submit correct information for your Vietnam business visa application, and then do as guidance by the system to complete the whole procedure.

Remember to note “business” for the purpose of the entry in the application.

The current issued business visas for Vietnam have one month or three month validity, so in case you stay no more than 1 month, “1 month” should be chosen in the item “ validity of visa”, and if your estimated staying duration is more than one month, then “three month” should be selected for the item.

Notice: choose single or multiple entries during your staying in Vietnam in the registered period.

3. How long does it take to get a Vietnam business visa?

With online request, the visa approval letter for picking up your visa at arrival airport in Vietnam is issued within 2 business days after your completion of payment and visa application.  In case you urgently need it for your scheduled trip, you can request urgent, super-urgent service. On weekend or holidays, “emergency Vietnam visa service” can also helps you get business visa on arrival in Vietnam.

4. Can Vietnam Business Visa be extended?

Yes, we assure we can help extend your Vietnam business visa up to 1 or 3 months more. However, due to the higher fee charge for Vietnam visa extension, we suggest that you should apply for 3 month visa each entry.

For further information about Vietnam business visa, please feel free to contact us via email or hotline number (84) 943 25 25 52.

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