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On arrival airport/ Vietnam Embassy.


Posted: 21-11-2016 - Jenny, thank you so much for your fast response and enthusiasm support.

( Jamnik - Mexico)

Posted: 20-11-2016 - Hi Jenny. I am in Hanoi. It is really great and beautiful. Thank you for helping me to process visa, and helping me to have chance to visit an amazing city. Thank you so much.

( Eslami - Greece)

Posted: 17-11-2016 - Jenny, thank you so much for visa approval letter. I picked up visa on arrival conveniently.

( Roomers - Austria)

Posted: 15-11-2016 - Jenny, thank you so much for helping me process visa approval letter on time to catch my flight. Your service is really great and efficient.

( Grinfray - France)

Posted: 14-11-2016 - Thank you, Jenny. Visa approval has been well received. Everything is correct, and I am really looking forward to see your beautiful country.

( Catley - Spain)

Posted: 13-11-2016 - Hi Jenny, thank you so much for your kindly support about the suitable visa type for my travel plan. I have finished my wonderful trip. Hoping to see you and your country in very soon future.

( Jesse - Netherland)

Posted: 10-11-2016 - Hi Jenny, thank you very much for your help and cooperation. I appreciate your understanding and the reasonable price you have provided. Your service is very great.

( Anthony - Germany)

Posted: 09-11-2016 - This is the fourth time I use your service, and you are very always excellent. I’m really satisfied about that. I also want to say thank you for your enthusiastic support, Jenny. Thank you very much!.

( Drake - Croatia)

Posted: 08-11-2016 - Thank you very much, Jenny. You have provided excellent service and I am very pleased. I will introduce you to may friends who want to visit your country. Best regards!

( Keith Moran - Hong Kong)

Posted: 07-11-2016 - Hi Jenny. I would like to send you my thanks and my great appreciation about your kind support and outstanding service. Wish you will be always successful with all the best.

( Thomas - Sweden)

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