Vietnam visa policy for US passport holders

December 2, 2016 Jenny Kristen Questions and Answers

Vietnam visa policy for USA passport holdersQuestion:

Hi there,

I have heard that there has been some changes on VOA for US citizens. US citizen has no longer  been able to get 30 days one time entree visa for VOA, but instead of one year visa for 135 USD stamp fee.

Is that true?


Dear Sir/ Madam

Thank you for contacting us!

Please be kindly advised that according to the latest immigration agreement between Vietnam and The United States of American (US), US citizens entering Vietnam now have only one option for visa type regarding the validity length: 1 year multiple entry visa for Vietnam.

All Visa applications of US citizens will be approved and get 1 year multiple entries- visa issued.

- The service fee for Visa approval letter is: 40.00 USD per person

- Stamping fee to pick up official visa is: 135.00 USD per person

US citizens please take a careful notice that each entry allows you to stay in Vietnam for no more than 90 days. Then you have to exit and when you get back, you will get another permission of staying next three months without paying any fee type.

This new regulation may be beneficial for a great deal of people who plan to travel often to Vietnam. However, it is rather unhappy news for those travelers who just intend to the country for one time and within just few days.

In order to apply for a visa, you can refer to our apply page and follow guidelines of the system to submit visa application with exact information as shown in your passport. Then, you should complete visa service fee. After receiving your adequate information and payment for visa approval fee, we can start to process visa approval letter for you. For standard service, it takes 2 business days to process visa approval letter.

For further information about Vietnam visa policy for USA passport holders, please feel free to contact us via email hotline (84) 943 25 25 52.

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