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February 28, 2017 Jenny Kristen Questions and Answers

Questions:vietnam visa length of stay

Mr. Alan Bandola arrived Vietnam last  Feb. 20, 2017, he’s holding an NN3 visa category (  multiple entries), but we are not sure on the length of stay in Vietnam as there are no remarks indicated on his passport.

Can you help us check on this, please? You may refer to below visa arrival stamp, Vietnam visa and some information I got from the internet for your validation.


Thank you for contacting us! We are happy to answer your questions as below.

When foreign people enter Vietnam, they will get an immigration seal (which is in blue ink on the nearby page of the temporary valid visa on your passport) on their passport to indicate the duration that they can stay in Vietnam. Normally, the length of stay is identical to the quoted validity length of the visa. However, for six-month Vietnam visa or one-year validity length upward types, there might be a different regulations (e.g. the allowed resident duration of each entry may not be more than 90 days). For example, US residents having a one-year visa for Vietnam are permitted to stay less than 90 days for any time they enter Vietnam. Therefore, whenever they arrive Vietnam airport, the immigration officer in charge put a mark as the seals stating the deadline date of leaving Vietnam for that entry.

For your case, please double check the other blue seal that helps to know when to be the expire date of his current entry in Vietnam.

1. What if you overstay in Vietnam?

Overstaying the allowed date is an illegal action, which may result in trouble and financial loss for you. The minimum fine rate that is currently applicable is 1.250.000 VND. Furthermore, long overdue visa can also put you in trouble or even deported from the country.

2. How to get the visa extended?

Foreigners in Vietnam can lengthen the allowed staying period each entry by requesting a visa extension prior to the expire date of your visa. For further guidelines and procedure, please go to Vietnam visa extension page.

To understand the purpose of uses of different kinds of visa and the visa you are holding, please go to the page Vietnam visa types.

3. How to get a new visa in case your visa sponsor is changed?

In the case that you have changed your working place or your visa sponsor is different for some reasons, you can have the new sponsor request a new visa for you on your behalf. Or your can do it yourselves.

Just several steps to complete the visa application form online and get visa for the duration of stay in Vietnam up to one year at visa application page ( )

We hope above information is clear to you. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance or call (84) 943 25 25 52.

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