Validity of Vietnam Visa

December 10, 2011 admin Questions and Answers


I am in England now. My current Vietnam multiple entry visa valid until 25 December of this year. I am planning to travel to Vietnam for a 5 day trip on 24 December by air. Should I apply for a new Vietnam visa or I can use the current visa?


As you are planning to enter Vietnam on 24 Dec and stay until 29 Dec, you have not yet had Vietnam Visa for the duration from 26 to 29 Dec. Thus, you are advised to apply for a new Vietnam Visa before departing to the country. Currently, Vietnam issue visa with the minimum duration of 1 month, so you should apply for 1 month visa even though you are not planning to stay in Vietnam for 1 month.

For air travelers, visa on arrival is very convenient and recommended. Please refer to Vietnam Visa On Arrival page for reference about this visa type, or apply for Vietnam visa online page for submitting your Vietnam Visa application online.

Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance. We are happy to assist you at our best!

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