Reliability of rush visa to Vietnam

February 27, 2017 Jenny Kristen Questions and Answers

Question:reliability of rush visa to Vietnam

Good day,!
I am interested in getting a visa for Vietnam but it’s too urgent now. Can I get a rush visa? If yes, how then?


Dear Antony,

Thank you for your questions. Everyday, there are numerous travelers around the world wishing to apply for a visa for Vietnam. A lot of these are in rush of getting a visa since the standard processing time may take several business days. Being legitimated in visa sponsor issue, travel agents and visa agents in Vietnam can act as the guarantee requesting urgent visa on behalf of their foreign clients. Thus, choosing a reliable agent for you in the case of getting a rush visa for you is totally possible.

The following steps are required when applying for a rush visa for Vietnam.

  1. Complete the application online at , remember to request the suitable rush visa type in the processing time options

Or simply send the photo of your passport’s main page together with information about requested visa type to

  1. Pay visa approval fee as advised by the system or by our support team (if you send visa application via email)
  2. Get confirmation on the time of receiving visa approval letter via email

Please be reminded to call (84) 943 25 25 52 or (84) 977 046 678 in the case of requesting visa outside working hours or you wish to speed up the process so that we can assist you at the soonest possible.

How much does it cost to get a rush visa for Vietnam?

Apparently, the cost depends on the level of rush visa service that you request: one-day rush service charges USD 10, while half day service charges USD 20. You can even get visa within one or two hours with a higher extra fee of USD 30 to USD40 (please call in this kind of rush cases). Holiday time including weekends and public holidays in Vietnam charges a total of USD 130 higher than the normal service.

For further information and details, please contact us or call (84) 943 25 25 52

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