Coming with cruise liner to Vietnam

March 2, 2017 Jenny Kristen Questions and Answers

Question:coming with cruise liner to vietnam

Dear Madams, dear Sirs,
we (2 Germans) soon make a journey with the cruiseliner Celebrity
Constellation. This ship to the following dates comes into the following
Vietnamese ports:
7.3.2017 Phu My,
9.3.2017 Chan May,
22.3.2017 Chan May,
24.3.2017 Nha Trang,
25.3.2017 Phu My.
Unfortunately between leaving the harbor of Chan May at 9.3.17,
cruising, and coming into the harbor of Chan May at 22.3.17 are lesser
than 30 days.
How can you help us to fix that problem?

kind regards, Ingrid & Wolfgang Rogalinski, presently in Thailand


Dear Wolfgang Rogalinski,

Thank you for contacting us!

According to the schedule mentioned in your email, you will have 2 entries to Vietnam from March 07th 2017 to March 25th, 2017. Because the distance between your 2 entries is less than 30 days, so you will be required a visa when coming to Vietnam at the second time. Thus, for the first entry, you can enter Vietnam with a visa exemption of 15 days. For the second time, you should apply for a single entry visa. Or before starting your trip on March 07th, you also can apply for one-month multiple entries visa, and then you can use this visa for your 2 entries from March 07th to March 25th.

Presently, visa on arrival has not been available at Vietnam seaports, so in order to enter Vietnam by seaway, you need to apply for and get visa stamped at Vietnam Embassy before traveling.

To get a visa at Embassy of Vietnam in Thailand, you can go directly there, or simply request a visa approval code online, and bring the visa code to the Embassy of Vietnam in Thailand.

In case you wish to change your means of travel to Vietnam, you can have two more options: Getting e-visa or getting a visa on arrival.

For e-visa, you can refer to Vietnam E-visa for Germans.

We hope above information is clear to you. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance or call (84) 943 25 25 52

Many thanks and best regards!
Jenny Kristen

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