How to get urgent Vietnam visa for Tongan?

June 3, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa For Tongan

How to get urgent Vietnam visa for TonganWhen Tonga citizens are in a rush situation for getting a Vietnam visa because they forget to apply for a visa to the country beforehand, the best solution for them is to apply online. By applying for Vietnam visa online urgently, Tonga citizens will get a Vietnam visa approval letter which is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department allowing them to stamp Vietnam visa on arrival.

The shortest processing time for urgent Vietnam visa for Tonga citizens is 4 working hours (super urgent service), then 8 working hours- 1 business day (urgent service).

There are two ways to submit an urgent Vietnam visa application for Tonga citizens. The first way is to submit it at our applying online page. The second way is to download the form here , and urgently send the completed one to

It is better for Tonga citizens to be able to pay by credit card when getting urgent Vietnam visa as the other methods of payment may take longer time and are not as convenient as the online one.

In case the visa request of Tonga citizens is too urgent to get the visa approval letter ready, you should contact the airline to ask whether you can board the plane without the presentation of the approval letter or not. And then when you arrive at Vietnam airport, your urgent visa approval letter is ready for your stamping.

In case Tonga citizens want to get an urgent visa for Vietnam at the weekend, please choose the option of “holiday service” for the “processing time”. With this service, Tonga citizens can also get visa approval no later than 4 business hours.

Notice: the processing time mentioned above is not applied for night time.

For further information on how to get urgent Vietnam visa for Tonga citizens, please feel free to contact us via email or hotline (84) 943 25 25 52.

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