Vietnam visa for Azerbaijani living in Northern Mariana Islands

August 20, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa For Azerbaijani

Vietnam Visa is required for Azerbaijani passport holders when they enter Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam have not established their Embassy in Northern Mariana Islands yet; therefore, applying online for Vietnam visa is the best way for  Azerbaijani to be allowed to stay in Vietnam legally.

Vietnam visa for Azerbaijani living in Northern Mariana Islands

When Azerbaijani passport holders apply for an online visa, please check whether you can have a Vietnamese company guaranteeing for your stay in Vietnam.

In case Azerbaijani citizens have a business partner’s guarantee, you can tell him/her contact us in order that we will guide them to complete a guarantee form for Azerbaijani citizens. Or you can simple send us an email to request for the guarantee form, and compromise with your partner to complete it. Right after it is done; please send us the soft copy via email, and the hard copy should be also sent to our office address. With the sealed and filled guarantee form sent to us, Azerbaijani citizens will pay for no charge of the guarantee. Consequently, you just need to pay the approval fee, please see the fee details in Vietnam visa fee for Azerbaijani page

In case Azerbaijani citizens live in Northern Mariana Islands and apply for Vietnam visa without having a Vietnamese partner’s guarantee, we will work as a guarantee to support you in processing visa. With the support of guarantee letter, of course, the guarantee fee is charged to you.

For details about the requirements, please refer to Vietnam visa requirements for Azerbaijani nationals

To apply for Vietnam visa for Azerbaijani living in Northern Mariana Islands:

  1. Complete a online visa application
  2. Make the payment according to the quoted approval fee. From Northern Mariana Islands, Azerbaijani nationals can pay the fee with their credit card or debit card use OnePay, PayPal or Western Union
  3. After 2 – 3 working days you will get a scan of the visa approval letter issue by Vietnam Immigration Department through email. To get visa at Vietnam airports, you should print it out. Then get on plane to Vietnam from Northern Mariana Islands, and show it with your passport to Immigration officers, they will stamp a Vietnam visa onto your passport.

For further information on how to get Vietnam visa for Azerbaijani citizens living in Northern Mariana Islands, please contact us

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