Vietnam Visa for Algerian passport holders living in El Salvador

July 26, 2016 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa For Algerian

Vietnam Visa for Algerian passport holders living in El SalvadorVietnam Visa is required for Algerian passport holders when they enter Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam has not established their Embassy in El Salvador yet; therefore, applying online for Vietnam visa is the best way for Algerian to be allowed to stay in Vietnam legally.

Vietnam visa requirement for Algerian passport holders

According to the regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department, foreign visitors wishing to apply for Vietnam need to meet the requirement about their passport. Specifically, each visitor is required to have a passport with six months of the validity and two blank passport pages at least. Moreover, due to the restriction in the policy of issuing Vietnam visa for Algerian, citizens of this country are also required to show your scanned passport (main page), air return ticket and accommodation reservation as a proof of your entry to Vietnam.

Applicable visa type and visa cost for Algerian passport holders

Presently, Algerian is categorized in the list that meets special Vietnam visa requirement. This is the reason citizens of this country are able to request one-month single entry visa only. The approval cost of this visa type is USD 240 for each Algerian passport holder.

The procedure to get visa for Algerian from El Salvador

To apply for Vietnam visa for Algerian living in El Salvador, applicants can follow the guidelines as below:

-       Complete an online visa application

-       Make the payment according to the quoted approval fee. From El Salvador, Algerian nationals can pay the fee with their credit card or debit card via PayPal or send money through Bank transfer, Western Union

-       After 4 to 5 working days, you will get a scanned copy of Vietnam visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department through email.

To get a visa at Vietnam airports, you should your visa approval letter out. Then, you can get on the plane to Vietnam from El Salvador, and show the visa letter with your passport to Immigration officers at Vietnam airport, they will stamp a Vietnam visa onto your passport.

For further information on how to get Vietnam visa for Algerian citizens living in El Salvador, please contact us via email or hotline (84) 943 25 25 52.

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