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Lost Vietnam visa while travelling in Vietnam

May 24, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa Tips

Question Hi there, Need your help to advise me on how to apply for a new exit visa for my hotel guest. The guest from China and had his visa but lost it while traveling in Vietnam He still has the photo capture of the visa so what should we do to get his new […]


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Choosing Vietnam visa type in terms of validity length

May 11, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa Tips

Question I will be flying to Ho Chi Minh on July 22 and leaving for Cambodia on July 26. I would be re-entering Vietnam on August 2 and leaving Vietnam on August 24 for Canada. Would I need one-month multiple entries or three-month visa for Vietnam as I would only be in Vietnam for about […]


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How to fix error on date of birth on the visa to Vietnam?

May 3, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa Tips

Date of birth is one of vital information for the procedure of getting a visa. In order to check in and stamp a Vietnam visa successfully, client’s date of birth given is absolutely correct as shown in their passport In case, if the visa approval letter and your original passport/visa application form have different date of […]


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Exit Vietnam to Cambodia via Moc Bai

March 21, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa Tips

Question: I live in Ho Chi Minh City, is it possible to cross to Cambodia via Moc Bai and return back to VN after 3 days through the same border with the single entry visa for Vietnam I hold. I am of Sri Lankan nationality. Answer: According to the entry and exit rules of Vietnam Immigration […]


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Fine for Vietnam expired visa

March 16, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa Tips

Foreign people entering Vietnam are allowed to stay in Vietnam in a validity length as noted in their Vietnam visa. However, in many cases, foreign people do not pay attention to their allowed duration of residence and overstay in Vietnam without extending Vietnam visa. For cases of overstaying in Vietnam, foreign people are required to pay […]


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How long is the Vietnam visa valid after issue?

March 15, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa Tips

Question: We are planning to travel to Vietnam by land from Thailand with a stop in Cambodia. Is it possible to apply for the Vietnamese visa in Bangkok? If yes how long will the validity be after issuing? Thank you for your help. Answer: Foreign people wishing to enter Vietnam are required to get Vietnam […]


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Change from one-time to multiple entries visa to Vietnam

March 14, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa Tips

Question: Hello, is it possible to change from a one-time visa for Vietnam to a multiple entries visa for Vietnam? And how do I do it? Answer: Foreign people wishing to enter Vietnam are required to have Vietnam visa that indicates the duration you can stay in Vietnam as well as the numbers of time you […]


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Get Vietnam Visa from Bangkok, Thailand

December 15, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa Tips

From Bangkok, there are two ways to get Vietnam Visa: Submitting Vietnam Visa Application to Vietnam Embassy in Bangkok, or Apply for Vietnam Visa online (especially recommended for air travelers). Visa Getting at Vietnam Embassy in Bangkok (Thailand) The whole process of getting Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy in Bangkok normally takes 5 or 7 working days. The regular requirements include […]


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Why Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

June 8, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa Tips

Vietnam Visa on arrival is now officially issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. It is available in all three international airports in Vietnam: Noi Bai, Da Nang, and Tan Son Nhat. It can be said that this is the most convenient visa type for international travelers to Vietnam because of the following reasons: -          Convenient: Before the introduction […]



Important Remarks for Super-Urgent Vietnam Visa at weekend

June 8, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa Tips

For this urgent case, do access this link to complete visa application online: -         Do not hesitate to call our support team at (84) 943 25 25 52 to ask for advice and fee quotation for your case. Notice: if you cannot access your computer for downloading the application form, then you should text a message to […]



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