Vietnam Visa For Chadian

Vietnam Visa Online for Chadian

June 4, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa For Chadian

Vietnam Visa Online for Chad passport holders is now applicable. With an online visa application, Chad citizens just need to spend a few minutes filling in the form online, and then make payment for the visa approval fee, and wait for around four business days (standard request) to get the visa approval letter granted by the Immigration […]


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How to get urgent Vietnam visa for Chadian?

May 31, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa For Chadian

When Chad citizens are in a rush situation for getting a Vietnam visa because they forget to apply for a visa to the country beforehand, the best solution for them is to apply online. By applying for Vietnam visa online urgently, Chad citizens will get a Vietnam visa approval letter which is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department allowing them to stamp Vietnam […]


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