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Pre-arranged Vietnam visa approval letter

January 7, 2014 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa

Pre-arranged Vietnam visa approval letter

Question: Dear Sir, I want to travel to Vietnam in January 2014 as a tourist, but I need pre arrival clearance letter from Vietnam immigration department. I want to ask that how much I have pay to your company if you provide that latter, I can pay you through my credit card , what is […]


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How to apply for a Vietnamese visa?

May 17, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa

Vietnam visa for Aruban living in Comoros

You yourself can go to the Vietnamese embassy/consulate in your currently resident country to apply for a visa or use the service of a travel agent in Vietnam (your sponsor requesting visa on your behalf) which supports you a part or the whole procedure of the visa request. Applying for a visa yourself -Requirements: You have to […]


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Arrival Date Change On Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

May 1, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa

The law of Vietnam Immigration regulates that the arrival date of foreigners in an issued visa approval letter cannot be amended. Hence, travelers to Vietnam applying for a visa should review their submitted information carefully or request for changes as soon as possible before it is sent to the Immigration Department for processing. Date of […]


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Vietnam Visa For Maltese Citizens

February 14, 2013 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa

Question: Good Afternoon, A friend and I are planning to come for a holiday to Vietnam end of May, I am a Maltese citizen living in Malta with a Maltese passport, could you please explain to me the process to get a visa to visit the country, please? Would I need to send my passport […]


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Vietnam Visa For Taiwanese

February 27, 2012 Jenny Kristen Vietnam Visa

According to the regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department, Taiwan passport holders wishing to enter Vietnam for any purpose are required to have Vietnam visa. Therefore, Taiwanese citizens planning to travel to Vietnam should apply for a Vietnam visa. There are two ways to get Vietnam Visa for Taiwanese. The first way is to apply at […]


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How to apply visa to Vietnam

August 26, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa

To have a Vietnam Visa, you can either apply by yourself by going to Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates in the country you are living or use a local travel agent’s service (your sponsor) Applying for a visa by yourself Required documentation: passport of at least six months of validity, a given Vietnam visa application form, and there may be […]


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Vietnam Visas

June 20, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa

Question: I am planning to travel to Vietnam. I do not know how many Vietnam Visa types and which one is suitable for me. I am doing both tourist and business purpose in the country. So which Vietnam Visas are required for my case? Please advice Answer: Vietnam is the best country in the world in term of the political stability […]


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Cost of Vietnam Visa

June 20, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa

Question: How much is a Vietnam Visa? Answer: Those who are exempted from Vietnam Visa maybe need not to concern how much Vietnam Visa cost. However, it is not the same case for the others. Please note down the cost of Vietnam Visa below in case preparing your trip to Vietnam  Vietnam Embassy Visa Pick Up Vietnam visa fees are regulated […]


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Vietnam Visa Online

June 18, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa

Most foreigners who visit Vietnam now choose the way of applying Vietnam Visa Online as it buys them a lot of convenience and savings. Though convenient as it is, Vietnam Visa Online is still unclear to a quite few number of travelers, especially those who enter Vietnam for the first time. As one of the leading organization in charge of […]


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Vietnam Visa Arrival

June 16, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa

Vietnam visa on arrival is quite popular and easy to obtain now. This visa type is a very convenient for foreigners arriving Vietnam. With this visa type, they can have a visa stamped quickly on arrival at Vietnam airport. To obtain Vietnam Visa Arrival, you can only ask for it online. The only visa application can be sourced at E Vietnam Visa in a few minutes. […]


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Getting Vietnam visa in USA

June 10, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa

Vietnam Visa requirements for United States citizens: United States Passport holders who wish to enter Vietnam are required to apply for Vietnam Visa in the following suggested ways: 1. Apply for Vietnam Visa online (which is 20% cheaper than the traditional option) - Apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival (Visa to pick up at Vietnam airport) or Vietnam Visa code (visa to pick up at […]



Vietnam Visa For US citizens

June 10, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa

US citizen planning to enter Vietnam should obtain Vietnam Visa or Vietnam Visa Approval Letter beforehand; otherwise, you will get trouble at Vietnam airport and forced to take a flight back to your country. The recent Vietnam policy allows foreigners to have an electronic paper (Vietnam Visa approval letter) to get Vietnam Visa on arrival. It is important for […]


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How to apply for Vietnam visa

June 8, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa

Before traveling to the Vietnam, a citizen of a foreign country must obtain a nonimmigrant visa for temporary stay or an immigrant visa for permanent residence. The type of visa that you need is based on the purpose of your travel, the mode to pick up the visa. Vietnam visa holders can enter and exit Vietnam […]


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Vietnam Visa from Singapore

June 3, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa

For those Singaporean citizens who would like to stay in Vietnam within 30 days, Vietnam visa is not required. If you want to stay there more than 30 days, you must apply for Vietnam visa before departure. To apply for a visa, Singapore citizens have two ways to select: 1. Get Vietnam visa by visiting […]



Visa Vietnam From Belgium

May 27, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa

According to Vietnam Immigration rules, Belgium citizens who enter Vietnam are required to apply for a visa with tourist or business purpose in length allowed for one to three months. As Vietnam Visa on arrival is now available and recommended by Vietnam Immigration Department, Belgium passport holders who intending to visit Vietnam by airway should proceed your Vietnam Visa application […]


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Get Vietnam Visa in Australia

May 24, 2011 admin Vietnam Visa

There are two ways for citizens of Australia to apply for a visa to Vietnam there, either through the Vietnam Embassy in Australia or apply for a visa on arrival via visa service. In the first option, you have to apply for a visa to Vietnam in person at the nearest consulate of Vietnam in Australia. Please note that […]



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