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Circular stipulating detail content of 12 service sectors in the List of import, export services of Vietnam

August 26, 2011 admin Vietnam Customs

List of import, export services of Vietnam is a catalog of services imported or exported between resident and non-resident Units of Vietnam. Concept of resident or non-resident Units are uniformly prescribed in system of national account (SNA) and international Balance of payment (BOP) as below:


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Vietnam Customs procedures

June 15, 2011 admin Vietnam Customs

Article 4 (1). Foreigners on entry or exit must have passports or passport substitute papers (hereinafter referred collectively to as passports) and have visas granted by competent Vietnamese agencies, except for case of visa exemption.   The normal waiting time for completing the procedures is 15 minutes. However those who have completed the application for […]




May 21, 2011 admin Vietnam Customs

Declaration procedures -          The people on entry shall compare their accompanied luggage with duty-free luggage quotas specified by Vietnam before their customs declaration. If people on entry do not have accompanied luggage, which exceeds the duty-free quotas, or which is delivered before or after their trip, they shall not have to make customs procedures on […]


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